Return of s&s and their specials?

so some leaked codes were showing the bl1 manufacturer s&s and ppl lost their ■■■■ because its a rlly famous brand

do you think, s&s is a thing in bl3 and if so, what brand special will they bring with their weapons, considering, that CoV kinda takes the place of “(not even)reload after the fight is over”, which was s&s’s trademark in bl1, to make them unique and useful

I really hope that it is true that S&S is coming back, their absence in 2/TPS didn’t make alot of sense and Bandit just really didn’t make up for it either (though they made good shotguns and SMGs atleast).

With CoV behaving more like BL1’s Eridian weapons (though correct me if I’m wrong), I really wouldn’t mind if they were to get their old gimmick back. Though with a twist: the less ammo left in the mag, the higher the chance to proc the respective element if they spawn with one.


CoV can overheat but they are still using ammu so its basicly just weapons with very large magazines

When i saw the gameplay reveal, I pictured the CotV weapons replacing Bandit ones…since the mags looked so large and that was originally Bandits trademark attribute. It also kind of makes sense that CotV would replace Bandit since the actual bandits in the game are literally pledging allegiance to the cult.

and bandit replaced s&s in bl2
so its basicly covered
but still ppl think, s&s will return

S & S was a pretty good manufacture in BL1 and it could make a return. I still can’t see it though it was not in BL2 or BLTPS so that makes near impossible however anything is possible .

And Bandit only had 2, or 3 good weapons types. Their pistols and assault rifles were terrible, except for the Sawbar. In TPS they didn’t even get a legendary SMG, only the Fusilage in the Clappy DLC, and it only was closer to what Bandit assault rifles should’ve been for it to be good.