Return of the Honey Badger?

When I saw that Ernest was almost a Honey Badger instead of a bird, I was a little upset. I really hope the Honey Badger character appears later, similar to the way other character concepts changed over time. (e.g. Kelvin and Toby) Perhaps he could be a high DPS brawler that has high damage resistance and CC reduction ('cause Honey Badgers don’t give a sh*t), but has no sustain or escape.

Okay… I already did this on anothet thread about this mythical Honey Badger, but its still stuck in my head. Anyone who gets the reference, feel free to post related pictures. -clears throat-

Badger, badger, badger, badger. MIKO!! MIKO!!

(Still too lazy to insert Pendles)


AHHHH A SNAKE! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE. Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.

Thank you.

They really do need a badge character. They’ve recently put the snake in.