Returned to title screen because a sign-out change occured

Please help! Every 5minutes im returned to the title screen with the following message : You have been returned to the title screen because a sign-out change occured.
I can’t log back until i restart the game. Im playing on PC, windows 10.
I dont know if its an epic game store issue or Borderlands issue, but im genuinely worried.
Any help on the matter would be greatly appriciated.

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I’m having the exact same problem since today, hope to get a solution soon

I seem to have solved it by changing my password, so I guess it was someone else trying to log in after all, or at least I think

I’m having same issue on window 10.
Gearbox please fix asap!!!


changed your password on shift, 2k, or Epic Games?

Changing my password of epic games store, and setting up a 2factor authentication solved my issue luckily