Returning after a long time

Hey guys, I stopped playing Battleborn a long time ago. About the time when Alani was released. Can I get a brief of what has changed since then? Like not, technical patch details, but actual gameplay.

Like on the pvp front or pve? You want to know balancing that’s occurred?

yea, Has a lot changed gameplay wise? In relation to team synergy and stuff.

i don’t know if you were here or saw this
a few characters have changed a bit.
they also added a new map for each pvp mode

Theres been no real gameplay changes whatsoever exept new maps that are better optimised on PC then the old ones and slow not reducing attack speed any more.
Also player base dropped so MM is really evil.

There is a new big batch coming hopefully soon that will change the game some more. Maybe check back then??

Don’t want the game to leave a bad taste for you when there is something new coming just around the corner

A lot of rebalancing. The game is almost to the point where I can call it as balanced as one can get without a year of testing. There was one huge balancing patch to introduce wound to counter healers, as it lessens healing, as well as chairman ginger up Alani and everyone a LOT. There’s an upcoming one that’s going to hurt aoes