Returning after hiatus

So I’m basically returning to the game for the first time since around September. I really didn’t expect much to be different in the game, but it seems there are more bad characters now due to nerfs, the community itself is awful due to the lack of the ability to play solo anymore and a practically nonexistent player base. what else has changed?

Health regen and damage reduction gear got buffs so both are viable now, so that’s a plus.

I don’t think all of these are fair assessments, at least for the PS4. Not sure what platform you’re using but it feels like the last couple of weeks have had an increase in player activity, (just a personal observation-obviously could be wrong). LSS I play solo a fair amount and don’t have trouble queing.
While some characters have been nerfed, I wouldn’t say any of them are unplayable. I’m trash with Ghalt now, but I’ve seen others do well with him since the nerf. Just depends on team comp and personal experience. Practice with new characters if you feel like your primary Battleborn are unplayable now.


And don’t discount the fact that you might be a bit rusty…

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I think he means that trying to match up without a premade is like trying to pizza when you’re supposed to french frie; you’re gonna have a bad time…



:heart: to that phrasing (no likes)
OP, what system? PC is regrettable. Everything else is highly redeemable

Yeah, some of the returning players have bad attitudes, noticed that too.

It’s not that there’s more bad characters, their play styles have shifted, and other characters are just stronger.

That doesn’t make the others bad, just a tad harder to use.


Characters like Ghalt and El Dragon are shadows of what they once were. They’re practically outclassed by others in every way, and I just don’t understand the reasoning behind the nerfs. I had both characters mastered and sure they were powerful but they weren’t OP at all. Dragon noob stomps basically, but can be held in check by anyone who is paying attention with CC. Ghalt also has various counters to capitalize on how slow he is.

I’m playing on XB1, and yeah I’m probably fairly rusty. Even in bad games I’m contributing with high minion kills, buildables, and a positive KD, but it’s frustrating needing to basically run back to the health station constantly to not go 1-12 like my other teammates. I used to practically only queue up solo, and I’d probably win much more than half of my games, a few close ones, and maybe 1-2 unwinnable ones out of 15 or so games. I have a 76% W/L, so I’m not sure if that contributes to anything due to changes to matchmaking.


I don’t understand the reasoning for those two being nerfed either. I feel like Gali’s stun is much more menacing than Ghalts. I’ve changed my Ghalt play style to using traps for wave clearing and chip damage and using my hook to disrupt and pulling enemies into the team (no longer using them in tandem). As for El Dragon-I already thought he was too squishy. Sounds like they’ll be showing some love to El Dragon in the upcoming update.

This seems to me like there just needs to be an adjusting in play style (for your teams especially). Whether it is gear or team comp, those are usually my solution. Granted there are Battleborn that can’t get around this due to how defensively weak they are.