Returning guns you guys would want

Any guns you guys hope return from past games? I personally am reallllyyyyy hoping that the Twister could return, its my favorite gun out of the entire series. I would also LOVE to see the Badaboom, Flame of the Firehawk, Interfacer, Kerblaster, Teeth of Terra, or Fibber would all be amazing to come back in bl3!


The Twister


Twister on moze would be godly, if they do it right (a bit lower than hellwalker levels of damage, with splash to make up for it )

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a lot of TPS guns were top notch.


Orphan Maker
Pestilent Defiler
Invader (Repeater)
Bullpup/Company Man

Also Pearlescent shields would be great like the Omega or Rose and the Bonus Package grenade mod.


BL1 - Orion(not sure how as it was a S&S weapon)

BL2 - Swordsplosion

TPS - The Machine


Oh maaaan I forgot a lot of the bl1 and tps guns, I didn’t play those 2 as much, but the defiler, aries, orion, and rose would be amaaazing

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The machine was the trespasser lyuda, right? I didn’t really do tps that much since It was just b l a n d

Jacobs quad shotguns


None. TPS and BL3 “recycled” too many guns already. Rather have something new.

“I saw thing I recognized and I clapped!!!” or something like that :smiley:

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If they could get the Pimp right, with no charge time I would love it. However I’m just too leery of disappointment when it comes to something so dear to my heart lol


Kinda, Lyuda that gained damage as you held the trigger.

Are there any guns I wouldn’t want? (I’d take every last one). If I had to pick one, knowing my mind will change about this every couple days, I’d go with the Landscaper. I get that you can kind of do this with a Torgue shotgun set to sticky (and manually triggering them is nice), but there aren’t any proximity mines like this in this game, and I miss them.

the Bane. Plus points if its somehow worse.


It would be a fitting reward at the end of a chain of side missions from Ava. She can promise you “the best gun” throughout and really build it up, only for it to be… The Bane.


I would like to see the Absolute Zero in shotgun form, but make it no charge, of course Cryo locked, and make it worth it in terms of beam dmg ( might as well get a continous dmg increase) and with a high cryo chance

Blockhead from BL2. Found in a secret area in a non-required map…was so rewarding the first time I found it.

I miss being able to find uniques hidden around the world. Like Gwenn’s Head found in 1 of 4 boxes in the dust. Or the Lascaux hanging out in a pool of ice water out in the open. Or the Twister locked behind an enemy that is crazy hard to spawn. I wish there was more of that in BL3.


Not a gun, of course, but I would love to see “The Bee” make a comeback.

Not sure of any actual guns that I could get excited about returning, given that it has become anointments that define a weapon’s viability in BL3. However, I am always up for items, characters and/or places making comebacks. Helps to tie franchise installments together on the RPG side of the games.

Oh, I guess Pearlescent gear in general would otherwise be my vote.


It would be very interesting to see how it is implemented in this game considering the rework they’ve made to how health, shield, and amor bars can get stacked in all kinds of strange orders from enemy to enemy. Fingers crossed this stays a Jakobs weapon if this happened.

Also, the Spinfusor from the Pre-Sequel (I think they called it the Laser Disker in that game). Possibly the best Tediore in the entire franchise.


BL1 - Unforgiven Masher.
BL2 - PIMPERNEL - my favourite gun in the series and imagine how good it would work on a Ties that Bind Amara build!