Returning player a bit lost and could use some help. 😊

Soooo. Currently getting back into playing again… just downloaded for Xbox one… and realize I’ve no idea what I’m doing… lol.
I see posts about op3 and op8. No clue… ?
I think I’ve run through the game twice… once normal… once true vault Hunter… and just started a 3rd play through… on ultimate vault Hunter… lvl 53 ATM. And getting my arse handed to me as Maya… … I mean… I feel sooo underpowered… I can’t help feeling I’ve missed something… I don’t even seen to damage anything unless it’s phaselocked!
So any advice welcome… out any help farming and leveling even more welcome. As I think I’m woefully undergeared…:blush::blush:
Thanks for any help. !

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nope, everything is as it should be. UVHM is designed to kick your ass. Slag everything. once you start upgrading weapons, it’ll get easier. and the overpower levels are for after you hit 72. Enemies will keep leveling, but YOU won’t. You can use gear up to the op level you’ve cleared though.

Hi… thanks for the reply… what’s OP level?. Not sure I’ve grasped that…:thinking::roll_eyes:

@VaultHunter101 has links to a couple of good pages, but yeah, UVHM is meant to be hard AF. It will get easier as you get more points to spend on skills, but this mode is where the enemy scaling starts to ramp far enough away from your ability to kill them that some skills start to not work well at all (and as you’re now quite aware, is vastly different from NVHM or TVHM). If you find some piece of gear, skill, or combat tactic that’s not working, don’t be afraid to ask: very few things completely stop working, but if you want to fire an elemental weapon at something and stand by while it cooks them off for you, I can only think of like two builds/loadouts that can do this at OP8.

When you get to level 72, , there are another 8 “Overpower” or “OP” levels. These are gained by running through Digistruct Peak. Run through the peak once: gain OP1. Now you can use level 73 weapons, but you don’t get a point to spend. Run through again: gain OP2. Now you can use level 74 weapons and no point to spend, and so on. Digistruct Peak gets longer and harder on each subsequent playthrough up to OP8. If it turns into a drag as you try to get there, don’t hesistate to ask for help: a Siren pal makes a huge difference.

Once you gain some OP levels, whenever you start a game, you can pick which level you want to play: OP0 has enemies/gear drops centered around level 72 where OP8 has enemies/gear drops centered around 80. Feeling tough? Go OP8. Get your butt kicked and want to steamroll some enemies? Go OP0.

One can use this system to balance gear that has otherwise faded in use by this point in the game. For example: a nova shield is going to be a fragile thing that fires all the time as it gets decimated, but the nova isn’t going to dent the enemies. If you get a level 80 one from OP8 and then play level 72 at OP0, that shield is now 8 levels higher than the enemies; it will tank way more shots, and the novas will leave a mark.

I, for example, started collecting all my gear at OP3 (level 75). My shields are level 80 because I want the spikes/novas to do some damage and tank shots without being invincible. I use a level 78 Commerce because I think that gun is too weak (and at OP3, being two levels higher than the average enemy puts its damage where I think it works).

With this in mind, I find combat pleasant at OP3: not steamrolling, and not getting crushed either. If I want to steamroll, I just load OPO: this mostly OP3 gear set will lay waste to everything. If I want a harder challenge, I just load OP5 (OP6 and up with this OP3 set of gear is a little too rough, but you get the idea).


Welcome back! For general advice about Maya: The Community Maya Guide - All you ever wanted to know

Thanks for the replies… something to read and think on. :blush:
I’ve never played any co op… always solo … but fancy having a go if anyone feels like babysitting a noob. :blush:

By the way, OP levels were introduced a few year later as a DLC (UVHM 2 - Digistruct Peak Challenge) which you may not have. This was for people that found 72/UVHM too easy. It’s an actual location at the top of your map and map list. You can travel there now if you wish and run the course.

Do not feel obligated to attempt to unlock any OP levels if you find UVHM to be a good balance.

Another thing is that UVHM becomes easier as you gain more skill points. There’s a huge difference between playing at 50 and 72.

Thanks again for skill the replies… 1 more question…
What exactly is the handsome Jack collection?. And do I need it… if I’ve already got BL2 and all the expansions . ( Except krieg… not got that yet. )
Just asking as it’s on sale for 11 quid on Xbox live so was curious… :blush:

THC is BL2 and TPS, all dlc for each game. buy it. krieg is worth that alone. Since he’s by far the best.

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Does it include the second lvl upgrade to 71?. . I don’t have that either… I didn’t realize it came with krieg… nearly bought that yesterday for 7 quid !.

Handsome Collection includes every DLC for BL2 and TPS, so you should buy it as soon as you can.

Ok… bought it… downloaded it… Deketed my other version of BL 2… and just found out all my saves are incompatible… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Back to lvl 1 with no saves for anything. :flushed::flushed::frowning::frowning::frowning:

You need to export/import saves via in-game option.

Are the save files still there? If they’re there, all should not be lost. If those got deleted (and aren’t in the recycle bin or something)… ouch. :grimacing:

ya know, you could’ve just moved the files yourself. They’re literally the exact same games, just in a bundle.

Its ok… panic over… it’s because it’s been so long since I’d played on the 360… it hadn’t downloaded the compatability patch that allows the saves to cross over… why they weren’t showing up… sorted now. :blush:


So struggling through on lvl 52 Maya in uvhm… if anyone facts fancies jumping in to help with the cause… lol… or has any old awesome guns that are no use to them at this lowly level… the help would be most welcome. :yum:
I’ve always soloed so never farmed any of the bosses for done of the most amazing guns and equipment. :blush::blush:

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