Returning player after DLC Questions

Hi Guys, I thought now was a good time to return to the game , I know recently they increased the level cap but I knew they would increase it further after the DLC so made sense to wait

So I have a 50 amara, 50 Zane, a fl4k I use for leveling with a friend in COOP and just started using a moze.

So I picked a lvl 13 dlc moze, started playing realising that I couldnt use a class mode I used GigaMind mission to get it.
Before this as I was completing levels in DLC it was auto completing story missions alongside. (Brilliant as I don’t want to run through the story missions all over again)

It seemed to of stopped after I done the GigaMind mission, so is this just coincidence or am I stuck with a level 23 Moze that I now have to run through level 15 missions with???
I’m on ps4 but I wish they had scaling levels after you completed this game with one VH.

Also every red chest I opened in DLC I had nothing but blues or under?? Not to worried as I am low leveled so wont use for long…

Checkpoints seem miles apart on DLC also.

So to summarise

Can I somehow skip story altogether when playing DLCs to level a new VH?

Can I add MM to level scale on new VH even though I have completed the game 4 times?

Have they caved in an mentioned DLC playables yet?

If they said no to expand on current VHs, when do they plan on doing so?

Why do I keep killing myself as Moze doing a grenade and splash build haha, is there a way to stop this through perks or equipment?

Thanks in advance

I’m pretty sure you can level up playing only the DLCs if you want to save the story missions for afterwards, but you do need to get at least to Sanctuary for all of them except Guns Love and Tentacles, which you can get to straight from the menu. I don’t think there are enough experience points in all the DLCs to fully level up a character, but you could continue to fight the enemies therein until you got to the level you wanted before resuming the main storyline.

If you get to Sanctuary, you should be able to ramp up Mayhem Mode immediately and go from there.


Not that I know of… Amara is the only character I know of with splash damage mitigation with Arms Deal.

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