Returning player LF build/gear advice while leveling

Hi, I’m returning to BL2 after a loooong absence (I just learned about the 2015 balance patch last week lol). I have a Lvl 61 Commando I want to get to level cap but for the life of me I can’t remember how most of his skills interact and reading through all the information on the forums has been a little overwhelming b/c there’s, well, a lot of it. :sweat_smile:

I’m currently running a build focused on using Tediore plasma casters, but just going from 61 > 62 it has a lot of survivability issues. I am not specc’d into the Survival tree at all and I’m not sure what skills to pick up there, or what to give up in other trees without losing too much explosive damage.

I’d really like to stick with a Tediore/plasma caster build because I have a pretty good Tediore allegiance relic and plasma casters are easy to farm through red chests. So I guess I’m looking for a survivability/explosive build with some advice on what to prioritze through 62 to 80.

Thanks! :smiley:

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Can you use this link to post your current build? That’d give us a starting point to begin talking. Also include your gear setup (relic, shield, com) too if possible.

I have an Axton at 72 running GemiNuke with a Torgue/Tediore gear focus. I’ll edit in a link to a thread I started to discuss my com options where I got some good advice from @Piemanlee (who I’ll ping because he’s my go to Axpert) as well as some of the other forum regulars. You might find some information and advice I got in that thread reasonably helpful.

Edit: Here’s that thread I mentioned before.


Try this, lvl 58 add points as you see fit. To adjust for Coms and such