Returning player looking for friends to play with


I’m a returning player, who wants to get back into Borderlands 2 and ideally would like to play with friends. I haven’t played in quite a while and the people I used to play with no longer play the game.

Just got the game on Xbone (Handsome collection). I have imported all my 360 characters.

Got 2 characters around level 55 (Axton, Krieg), and the other characters are all between lvl 40 and 26.

Hoping to get some of the characters to max level but finding UVHM to be pretty tough.

GT is ALTBOULI, ideally looking for mature players with mic’s.



Moved you to the right section for Handsome Collection. Hopefully you’ll find some cool folks to co-op with. Meanwhile, you might want to take a quick look at this guide:

At level 55, you’re just hitting the toughest part of UVHM (it really opens up once you’re into the 60s.) I may have some spare gear I can give you that would help out a bit. I’ll check later. What time zone are you in?

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Oh, sorry wasnt sure where to put this. I’m a UK player so GMT time

Had a quick look, but it seems I may have passed on a bunch of my spare gear already - sorry! I know there are a few UK players on the forums, so hopefully some of them can help you out. I’m the other side of the Atlantic, so time zones are a problem for me.

No worries, thanks for looking :slightly_smiling_face:

Bump, anyone up for some co-OP runs? All characters are now at least on true vault hunter mode.