Returning player (sort of)

Due to various reasons I’ve had some time off of Battleborn (maybe a month or so?), but have gotten back into it now and have a few general questions and own reflections!

First off, when did they alter the sentry’s primary attack in Incursion? I love it! Nice to know that it’s not going to take about half my health in one blow without any warnings, but still makes it so that you gotta stay on your feet as it shoots more frantically now (or at least seems so).

Secondly, I never knew this in the first place, but does received healing bonuses affect internal healing such as health regen, life steal and set self healing (such as El Dragon’s heal when using his dragon splash, can’t remember which augment it is)?

And do any of you have any tips for Kid Ultra’s Ultimate lore challenge? He’s the first and only character I’ve gotten up to level 15 before completing all lore challenges. It’s my understanding that story mission player count have been reduced from 5 to 3 (:frowning:) and Ops have always been at 3, so it’s only doable in PvP. And for the vast majority of the time, everyone is too scattered to able to heal 4 simultaneously. The problem for me is the way it’s set up. You need to either heal, which requires the players to be damaged, and/or damage enemy battleborn which requires you to be level 10 and spec for the damage. There are too many things that needs to fall into place for it to be able to happen, I’m amazed I’ve gotten it once. Regardless, I’d appreciate any help as I really want to master him as well!

As far as the reflections goes, I got two things that are bothering me in terms of balancing; El Dragon and AoE abilities.

I was never an El Dragon fan, but I never considered him to be an OP character that deserved the nerf he got. The one thing that I considered to be truly OP was the 2 second stun his ultimate dragon splash had, that one would’ve been better off just changed into a 1 second silence like Attikus’ pounce. His clap was somewhat OP, but it wasn’t too bad by any means. His health nerf being the most bothering thing about all the nerfs he got. I thought he needed more health, not less. Compared to other melee characters like Rath and Galilea he’s a really easy target to hit, thought that would give him roughly the same amount of health (as he’s supposed to be a glass cannon).

And the AoE, I’m trying to get used to them, but I can’t. I understood the damage nerf to the abilities, but not the area reduction. It’s as if though the “Area” in the “Area of effect” is being removed. Especially when clearing minion waves (which arguably is one of the main features), it can be frustrating as minions not too seldom go away from their intended route and just walks past it. I may just simply be naive, but I’d be the last one to know!

To finish the post though I’ll just say it’s nice being back! It’s nice getting into games again (even though it can be slow at times) and also seeing new players! Love the new story Op which to me is a large improvement over the first one, one reason being that the boss doesn’t one shot you at full health at 90+ Ops points. Already got the 85 skin for all characters now and it’s been a blast going through on all characters!


Same time Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion and Faceoff were released I believe

Regen, no. Life steal, no. Self healing, yes. The same is true of heal power

That is switched back now I believe. Just for Battleborn Day. My tips would be to go in a private mission with someone else or another controller, take the level ten healing helix, and fly back and forth through a damaged Monty. Counts after three times.


Ah, alright. Thanks!

Sorry to say though that I didn’t understand the tip for Kid Ultra. How can I do it with one additional player in a mission? Which mission? What’s a damaged Monty? I’m just ever so slightly slow! :sweat_smile:

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No no its no problem.
If you have a Montana run the mission (preferably voids edge but it can be any) with you, and they get hurt a little bit where their health bar isn’t full, you can fly back and forth next to them repeatedly, healing then slightly because of your area of effect heal surrounding you, where the game thinks of it as 4 battleborn affected even though it’s just the Montana

Oh, right! Thanks, appreciate the help!

That’s actually it’s secondary attack, and my friends and I just call it “Tower”

as in, “F*CK, I just turned the corner and got Tower’ed!”

I love the change myself, now it’s not bullsh*t.