Returning player - what is the state of the game?

Hi, I quit about a year ago, when the level cap was raised to 57 and the game was an absolute trainwreck.

Anointments were so good that they became mandatory over the very guns. It was no longer about farming guns, but farming anointments with several layers of stupid rng. The gap between the good and bad ones was massive as well.
Overall terrible balance. And by this I mean 95% of legendaries being hot garbage while they kept nerfing fun. Not to mention some skills and augments being useless and vault hunters feeling unsatisfying to play.

I’d rather not write an essay, you get the point. Did it get better over time? If so, what dlcs are worth buying?

Game is fun but anointments are still king. Some guns can get away with any anointments because they are so OP while others are completely unusable from base game because they lack the damage even with the best anointments and abusing broken skills.

DLC’s are a mixed bag imo- good gear from all of them depending what VH your playing. Watch K6 vids for better info

Still not much “endgame” besides killing a raid boss from BL2/Bullet sponge and if you can kill him easily nothing eles in the game should bother you!

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Anointments are still a big deal, though there are some really OP builds that don’t particularly need anointments. God-rolled Artifacts and Class Mods are also extremely broken because the passives they give range from completely useless to massively beneficial (+73% magazine size, +55% splash damage, +43% action skill damage, etc.). There are still a bunch of trash anointments in the game. So the layers of RNG are as bad as ever. Though one big change was an anointment rerolling machine was added to Sanctuary, so if you find a really great gun with a bad anointment you can randomly reroll it for some Eridium. It’s not as good as it sounds because with so many anointments in the game getting the one you want is rare and you’ll run out of Eridium quickly.

It’s hard to know what DLC to suggest because a lot of it comes with really broken gear, so if you want to have more options for weapons you’ll want as much of it as you can get. Though I found DLC4 extremely lacking, myself.

A lot of skills and augments are still nearly useless; Gearbox buffed some but a lot were left unchanged. There are still a good number of useless Legendary Class Mods. Gearbox has been going through most of the Legendary guns and buffing the ones that weren’t so good. I’d recommend maybe coming back and leveling up your character(s) and feeling out the game for yourself. You might end up having a lot of fun (or not).


There’s a anoinment reroll machine now (still a bit of RNGezus wich you either roll the anointments you want or blow all your eridium on 1 gun. I’ve been lucky still)

They also updated the anointments recently so most are actually good. Like ammo regen with clone active is one of my new favorites.

All events are permanent now, so you can get the OPQ, wedding invitation and Halloween gear/anointments when you have the respective event active.

Bunch of random legendaries got buffed (check the patch notes) if you need help watch the “this gun f***ing rocks/sucks” series on YouTube.

And are DLC worth it? Depends on what you want…

SP1 is pretty good with some great weapons to be found. SP2 is…well, hit or miss…

Arms race has some pretty good weapons but the thing gets stale pretty fast. Ava’s quest is pretty short but does give you one of the best shields in the game. And vault cards… Collection of cosmetics and after that you can reroll 4 different items (first one always comes unanointed and fixed parts)

They nerfed WORLD drop rates so you won’t be seeing that many random trash legendaries clutter the map (i personally like the change, other people hate it. There’s an artifact in the new vault card that gives you a huge boost in world drop rate after a kill)

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