Returning Player

Hey fellow vault hunters. I recently decided to come back to BL2. I master every class at op8, but sniper Zer0 is my baby.
So let’s get to the point.

I am currently looking for sniper stockpile relic…pretty sure I had one but anyways. I got all the Pimpernels but with the damage prefix. I know you see me coming…I would gladly take the crit hit prefix instead. Like I said i master every class at op8 so yes I got a few nice things to trade for.

You can pm me on PSN at tijohsvicto.

ohhhh and an explosive fastball and explosive relic would be awesome for my Krieg :slight_smile:

Can you help me get to lvl 72 ? I’m currently lvl 52 on Boderlands 2 My psn : Little_cap1