Returning to Battleborn | What changed and what should I know

Hi guys. Really long time since I’ve last posted here.

I took a time out Battleborn for some reasons (Studying and working a lot, playing other games etc.) but I’m planning to start playing it again. Really, I think Battleborn is one of my favourite games ever.

So I’m wondering if you guys can update me talking about what have changed since… I don’t know… 5 months ago? I’ve played some matches but can’t really say what changed about characters, game mechanism etc.

I use to play 99% only PvP, using Boldur, Miko or Ghalt mostly, and my gf loves to play as Alani, so if significant changes were made with them, I’ll love to hear, as general changes and with other characters too.

Thank you all very much and sorry about any english mistakes. :slight_smile:

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5 months you say. My timetable may be a little off but were you still playing when Ghalt’s scraptrap was changed from a stun to slow? Boldur has gone through a few changes but still plays the same and is still a beast, he now gets Rage automatically when using Boldurdash so that option is no longer there at level 2.

The introduction of Beatrix makes Alani and Miko’s lives rough but they are both still plenty solid characters with Alani still considered the best healing option.

Hopefully someone can link the winter update patch notes here so you can see the full scope of changes.


Hey man, thank you very much for the information!

Actually, Ghalt and Boldur changes happened just before I take this “Battleborn break”, so I’ve played some matches with them in that new way. Maybe I said the wrong time out, not sure.

About Beatrix: I don’t know nothing about her lol. I’ll look for some information, too.

Thank you!

Ghalt’s damage was lowered, the health of Miko’s ultimate was raised, Boldur received some nerfs after his “rework” but he’s still one of if not the strongest character in the game. Alani herself is unchanged but Beatrix does make her life difficult.

I’ll give you a quick run down of Beatrix. She has Fulminate for her first skill, a long range homing silence/weaken that can either silence the entire team or wave for three seconds or one person for about 4 seconds and has potentially a 9 second cooldown just through helix choices. Her Patient Zero buffs teammates the make one person insanely powerful for a brief moment. Her ultimate, Outbreak turns whoever gets hit by it into a walking plague, spreading DoT and wound to every friendly thing with a health bar. Her basic attack has a 3 second wound when she hip fires and a 5 second wound with scoped shots.


That was really helpful, thanks @blainebrossart1!

I think they should make Ghalt’s trap useful. Btw, how is Miko doing? I used to do nice matches with him, but sometimes I felt that he/she dies very quick with his big crit spot lol.

Great Beatrix run down. So, basically, she is like a debuffer and a damage dealer throught DoT? Let me see if I got it right, she can have a wound/silence/weak up on an enemy almost everytime? She sounds great. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply!

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Miko is doing fairly well. He gets a little less appreciation than most of the other supports because he’s the least versatile. Best at straight up on demand heals but can’t wave clear, buff/debuff, etcetera. But he’s pretty much unchanged. To get past the low health pool and big crit spot I run a max health and regen on him. Works pretty well. My exact load out is this:

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Since Attack damage increases his healing beam’s strength, you get quite a bit of healing for how cheap this load out is.

I forgot to mention, Ghalt’s scrap trap did get a damage buff. It’s pretty useful for wave clear and pulling someone into it can do some respectable damage.


Oh, that’s new about Ghalt’s trap. Nice.

Didn’t knew about Attack Damage buffing Miko’s heals. That’s nice.

Thank you for all useful information!

Yeah, Attack damage boosts the beam, Skill damage boosts biosynthesis and his ult.


And heal power boosts all of them?



For miko I run blue eldrid flawed attack damage, skill damage and max health. Some people give me a hard time about not running heal power but because of the damage gear increasing healing also, I can still out heal most anything. Health Regen seems like a waste on him because of biosynthesis but that’s just me. I really like having the max health though. It makes it harder for them to burst me down quick and gives a better chance of surviving a stun or a nasty crit.