Returning to BL2, long break. Getting UVHM 2. Good OP level?

So, I picked up TPS and really enjoy the gameplay of it, though I have a lot of complaints with the length and lack of end-game content (which, sadly, will stay that way now that 2K Aus has shut down). But, while I DO enjoy it and will keep playing it for a good while to come, it also made me miss BL2.

Trouble is, I quit BL2 right around the time Digistruct Peak came out. Largely due to burning out on the issues with UVHM scaling (finding OP levels also broke the MM so you could never find a game past OP3 didn’t make me feel more inclined to it, either).

But… I’ve been thinking of popping back into BL2, again. And figured I might as well try the UVHM 2 pack, as well. What’s a good OP level to reach for, in terms of making the game feel a bit more like TVHM? I miss not having to rely on healthgating so much. It’s my biggest complaint with UVHM (well, that and skill scaling issues). It’s not the raw difficulty of UVHM, per se (which knocked me on my ass at first, before I adapted), but that it REALLY narrows down options in terms of what gears/builds are/aren’t viable. I miss Brawn Salv. :frowning:

OP8, and here’s why:

As you may or may not know, as you increase your OP level, you can choose whatever OP level you want to play whenever you start a game, so OP8 gives you the highest range. Also, you may use any-level gear at these levels, as in, you can bring OP8 leveled-gear to OP1 or OP3 leveled-gear to OP8, etc.

So here’s what you do: pick a middle ground. I use OP3, so let’s use that as an example. When you get to OP8, you’ll probably be using fairly on-level gear just to get through Digistruct Peak, so use that to go back to OP3 and farm your OP3 library. This will take some time, but at least the enemies will be a snap with your burly weapons. Or trade for them, whatever, just get your favorite weapons and shields at OP3. This will be your “library”.

Now when you play, select your desired difficulty by which OP level you bring this library to. Play OP0 with your OP3 stuff, and it’ll be fairly easy. Play OP8 with your OP3 stuff, and it’ll be harder than you thought OP8 was possible. You get a sliding scale of difficulty every time you start a game!

But! The reason for picking a middle ground is to give you some headroom to “buff” some of your gear. Think an e-tech dart pistol is too weak to use in UVHM? Add it to your OP3 library at OP8, and in the context of your OP3 library, this pistol will have damage on par with other pistols, making it viable again. Think the Commerce is pretty cool, but it’s just a little underwhelming? Add it to your OP3 library at, maybe, OP6. Tired of your nova shields tickling enemies when they proc? Add them to your OP3 library at OP8, and they should be fairly devastating. Like the glass-cannon mechanic of the Bee shield, but don’t like one-shotting everything? Add it to your OP3 library at OP0, and now it’s nerfed. (For example, I nerfed mine down to level 65 to get it to a comfortable level for myself).

So, when you pick an OP level to “park” your character at, pick one that gives you the most wiggle room for alternate difficulty selections and enough headroom to buff the weakest in-game gear you like to use to a level you prefer. In practice, playing right at OP3 with this library is perfect for me… I might only wander one level up or down, but the entire option is there. Maybe you’d like, say, Bandit e-tech assault rifles to be a few-shot death machine? That will probably need a full seven-level buff, so you’d want to park at OP0 (which leaves no room for a lower difficulty selection), but that’s how this works.

So, in answer to your last statement about missing Brawn Salvador… how much nerf do enemies need to make him as viable as you want? One? Two? Make it happen! Think sniping isn’t viable in the OP levels because you think Jakobs rifles should one-shot anything on screen without slag and this isn’t happening? Make it happen! Want Cloud Kill to one-shot enemies? Well, that still isn’t going to happen (the most I can get it to do is a total of like 1800K damage, but then everything else you do is way too strong), but you get the idea.


Good info. Thanks for the reply.

Now to level grind up from 61 on my characters. THEN OP them… god that might take a while. Ah well.

Worth it for being able to flip off enemies with Salvador, again. I laughed my ass off the first time I did that in PT1.

If you are playing sal, you might want to try deputy sal by Ckuck (just google it with oldforum) Jakobs shotties or maggie or rubi with lady fists, or any combinations with some form of healing. any rarity, all are viable even in op8.
You don’t need dpuh, cc, interfacer to slow down the frame rate in ps3.

I’d recommend Proof of Concept: A Moxxi-less Brawn-centered build for OP8

Deputy Sal is also really great as well. Love both

This post is badass.

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