Returning to BL2, looking for Krieg heads/skins and coop friends!

Have not played since early 2013, dug out the PS3 while moving and got the BL 2 itch again. Purchased Krieg and enjoying but really dont feel like boss farming for heads/skins after all the farming I did for the other 5 characters. Would really like Henry and Vermivorous heads most but seeking all boss drop heads and/or skins. Have most other character heads/skins to trade.

Also, looking for folks to play with! Only at level 22 right now and replaying the full game (not looking for powerlevel) , but up for coop buddies. I have all DLC up to Hammerlocks, downloading the rest soon!

Reply or PM if you want to play or have any of these heads/skins!

Psn- ch1ck3nb45k37