Returning to Borderlands 1

Started playing Borderlands 1 again recently and I must say its been a blast playing this game again, especially when Action Skills are actually used for more than just activating anointed weapon buffs, Legendaries were actually rare to find, and wasn’t brain dead easy. The atmosphere is amazing, I really like the mad max type vibe you get while playing it and the music definitely adds to that, it makes it feel like a completely different compared to the other games in the series. Playing a Blast Master Brick has been so much fun, getting a good explosive shotgun killing and getting massive fire rate and damage boost is just a fun gameplay loop. The scaling is just right so the game doesn’t feel unbalanced. Clearing certain maps proved difficult earlier on and the game really wanted you looking for the next best gun if you didn’t want to struggle hard. How many ya’ll have returned to playing the older games?


I keep finding myself returning to play borderlands 2 all the time, just seem to prefer it out of all of them, don’t get me wrong 3 is good but 2 has some amazing dlc love keeping killing the snowman boss haha.


Never stopped :wink:

I alternate between BL1 and 2, each has their specific charms, love 'em both.

BL3? Meh. I’ve played through about 20 times, did a complete 1Life run, and now launch it maybe once a month.
It’s just, well, too easy.

So sticking with 1 and 2.


Yeah, for me Borderlands 1 still has the best atmosphere and vibe in the series, especially brilliant Knoxx Armory DLC. It always feels so warming returning to it.

Also I’ve recently found out about cut grenade launcher weapon type (which is still in-game and can be obtained with save editing) which is extremely fun to play and definitely adds a refreshing spin to it, so i’m planning to complete it once again haha


I restarted Borderlands 2, the older version when it was level 72 followed by
op levels when you completed Raid on Digistruct Park. It is fun, and I can see why it was patched. I am at OP2 and trying for 3. The differences between that and newer versions are quite noticeable. I have considered starting
a continuing game from B1 to B2 to PS to B3 as a team game but yet to happen.

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Grenade launcher? Can I see?

Sure, here’s a video demonstration of it (not mine) and there’s a save file for grenade launchers (not sure if it contains entire set of them though) in the description

One note about save files though the weapons don’t use correct corresponding ItemGrade_GrenadeLauncher, which in reality doesn’t affect anything but the level number (stats don’t change), so if you prefer full authenticity I’d recommend you to change it to the correct value

example of incorrect item grade:

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Heh. That’s cool. So they’re just launchers basically. We wound up with the Carnage :poop::100: