Returning to Borderlands 3, but got few questions

My questions:

  1. I got basic Borderlands 3 package, did I need to buy DLC? I mean can I be competitive to other people if i not buy DLC or those guys are way stronger than me?

  2. If i not buy DLC can I play with people who has DLC or I will end with no people to play with?

  3. During my absence Borderlands 3 probably enjoyed tons of paches, does devs done something to reduce eyestrain in their game? Like tone down those overwhelming flashes and explosions, asking because they are reason why I stoped at after 5 passes, my eyes simply start to hurt alot.

Nope. its actually even worse now if you play mayhem mode :frowning: sorry

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  1. Depending on what VH you pick- if you are playing Zane I would say you need the seeing dead only available in DLC1 but other VH can do fine with most base game gear.

  2. You can play with players who have the DLC packs. But you can’t travel to that location if you don’t have the DLC

  3. I’m not entirely sure but I know they reduced some gun effects so they don’t lag. Not sure about partial effects ect.

Depends on what you want from the game. If you’re not planning on doing mayhem 10 you can have fun with base game gear. If not, you’ll be missing out on new powecreep guns. And the seeing dead class mod makes every other Zane cm obsolete.

About the screen pollution. It’s the same or worse. Maybe less smoke from explosions, but a lot of lasers and objects from the modifiers.

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theres absolutely 0 competition between u and others since its pve game, although the game is advertised coop but it encourage solo gameplay more unless youre playing on lan .

Depends on your character. Some of the best weapons in the game are DLC but I wouldn’t call them mandatory. However, if you are playing as Zane, one of his essential legendary class mods belongs to the first DLC.

You can, as long as you are not playing DLC content.

Hard to tell, but it’s probably not that much better. Maybe you can tinker around in the settings to make it more bearable.

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I spend hours tryin to tweak, nothing works…there is so much “iron welding” effects happening on screen, i really hoped they fixed something.