Revenge of cartel is down? Is Science arcade machine gone for everyone else?

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Today is may 3rd. Yesterday I finished main story and activated Mayhem 1. Today I came to farm Cartel event to get last reward and it’s no longer available. Also Science arcade is gone from Tannis lab.
WTH, Gearbox? You promised Cartel event will end on June 4th. And why remove Science Arcade?

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Your game just hasn’t loaded hotfixes. Try waiting on the main menu for the hotfixes applied sign. Both cartel amd the science game are still available.


Wow. I had to restart 3rd time and it worked.


A lot of things are taking longer than usual - I’ve watched my connection speed fluctuate like a yoyo over the past week, and normally it would be rock solid. I suspect that there’s simply a LOT of internet traffic and things are bogging down at the exchange points.


I was playing today and the Cartels was still there… the science thingy also. What disappeared from my Lvl 57 Amara was the Lost and Found. I can no longer get the loot that I leave behind, it’s just not working. Anybody else having the same issue?

Make sure you have Cooperation enabled, not Coopetition. Coopetition disables the Lost Loot machine.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll check.

Note that if you’d joined someone else’s game that was set differently, it will change your setting and you will need to change it back manually afterwards.


Well, the revenge of the cartels was supposedly ending yesterday, but today is still active. Did they decide to kept it going because the takedown of the guardian was postponed?

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Nothing’s been said publicly, but my guess is that since there’s only one actual hotfix, it was easier to leave the current hotfix in place (keeping Cartels enabled) than change it.

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