Revenge of Cartels here to stay?

Well I know already it’s a limited time event BUT it would be lit if we could always access it.
I mean yeah we have takedowns but this seems like a good addition to the game.

While waiting for REAL raid bosses like Terramorpheus and all the other invincible this would be great to have. I mean it’s not even a seasonal event its just a limited time event.
Take out the limited and make it an all timer.

I’m sure i am not alone with thinking this should stay, but we will see when it drops i guess.


depends on the event
i really didnt like this whole terror mechanic stuff and i wasnt too upset that it was only limited
but if it introduces nice mechanics and special effects, i see no reason to let it end


Yes i didn’t like the Terror sh*t either.
This is more my desire for more content bc if its good i don’t want it to leave.
So i thought i would start discussion here.
Seasonal events should come and go but as it is for now with RoC i don’t see a reason jet why it should be dumped after a month or something.


Let it actually be here first, then I’ll get back to you.


U have an argument here.
Can’t wait to see u then.

How many details do we know other than the name, that it’s for a limited time, and it’s supposed to open tomorrow?

Notices a Borderlands Show on this topic and proceeds to watch

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Watch every Borderlands Show at the day it comes out.
Also, I saw footage already and it looks great I mean the bits we have there.

I don’t know if it will drop tomorrow cause there is not a specific date set.

Wait what is the revenge of cartel event? and how do you access it?

Watch the last Borderlands show bruh.
It’s the next Big event and its dropping this month.

ahh hasn’t dropped yet, merp

Well but its a first of a kind event.
It’s not seasonal and limited time.
In it, you will access an area where 3 different cartels take place.
Each time you visit it’s a different Cartel and no Cartel is going to spawn twice.

I thought maybe u are interested as players to talk about if we like to have it being not limited time especially because we will not be able to access the drops at later points in the game.

I don’t think that we even know enough about this event yet to have a discussion about whether or not it should be here to stay.

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they got a crapload of backlash for that… and they learned…

after the terror debacle they put in the option to disable the feature.


It looks like it should be a fun little event. :slight_smile:

The issue of Bloody Harvest being non-toggle-able aside, I still miss Heck. :slight_smile: A fun mobbing map with a boss at the end, kinda like the Proving Grounds.


kinda funny I preferred the Halloween event it was perfectly long it just needed a toggle the valentines event sucked too short why even bother with a toggle when it will be gone before you realise it

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What if it sucks giant hog?

that was the only thing i hated about it haha…

if i wanted to run heck i would but i was still leveling up and stuff so the terror crap actualy got in the way A LOT (or well, killing me where i otherwise wouldn’t and slowing down progress)

i was one of the people who was asking GB for the disable fauture haha and that proved how much they actualy take into concideration when it comes to the community (among a lot of other stuff they changed, like the woodblocker wich was a trolldrop untill recently)

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Well that’s why we should debate over it.
Clearly the content hasn’t drop but in theory if its good why not keep it at least until something new drops like the next dlc. If its really good make it so its not limited time.
But well see.

Actually that move was pretty good, and we’re going to see if I am going to use it this time around.

Its sweet that we can decide now if we participate or not.
Also looking forward to being able to switch between Mayhem Modes in HUD.

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yep, the launch of the game was wonky at best :rofl: and actualy felt like development went backwards in places hahaha

atm the game realy is in a good place (allthough most players are getting burned out now)
made a list of QoL changes a week or so ago but nothing realy gamebraking like (re)moving cometics from the lootpool (and adding everything to earl’s shop)

i’d say the fixed 90% of the stuff that needed fixing haha (not counting bugs wich will allways be there no matter how hard they try)