Revenge of Cartels here to stay?

How can you debate on if something is good or not if you haven’t experienced it, and it’s not even in existence yet?


Will we ever get to go back? I didn’t understand the challenge mechanics, and only got through a couple reward levels… like I literally found one of my characters with the first chest still available for unlocking because I wasn’t even aware of that screen. I’m sure it’ll open back up around Halloween?

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Hoping that after the DLC cycle, these will be made available as permanent additions similar to the headhunter packs. With a main menu option to turn them on and off as we please.


Im seriously wondering what the hell will all the files be from past events, each are like 1GB worth of things that now are locked and bloating my game.

Dev please make use of it.

I think a yearly cycle of holiday themed events would be pretty sweet for these things.


Well, there is still terror anointed gear in game - I have a few items that apply terror. Ghast Call is still one of my favourite grenades for the characters still levelling up. And the skulls got re-used during Broken Hearts and also in the Soul Render. Plus, there’s always next year!

Does anyone remember if GBX has said what will happen to MH1.0 when 2.0 drops? As in, will it be an alternative option, or will it be gone for good? And if it’s gone for good and you game was on MH n does that mean you’ll automatically be on the same level with the new Mayem system?


they can only do this for so long when they finally stop supporting this singleplayer offline-able game. Just add them some where.


Well exactly the same questions also came into my mind.
Sorry I don’t have any information to provide about these things.

I really hope we can have old school Mayhem or at least toggle funny mods in and out otherwise… well I guess the backlash is going to be as huge if not bigger than the last ones.

Well this time around they should have enough insight into the mindset of the players needs and wants.
For my part I can’t wait to play Mayhem 2.0. I’m curious if it makes for a good endgame. Tho in my opinion true endgame is only achieved when we can Raid Invincibles and so on.

Actually I like that we don’t get an Easter event and instead revenge of the cartels.
This is great because we get quality content instead of a themed off spin sh*t (at least I expect it to be good).
Don’t get me wrong I would love to kill Mad Santa in pools of blood its just everyone brings that content.
Instead of concentrate on seasonal events they should focus on the performance and content.

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Sure, it doesn’t have to be holiday themed, just seasonal events that happen.

That is a good question.
If the scenario is Mayhem 1.0 goes away, I would default everybody to no Mayhem and have them choose what level to start at. Would be the safest way to deal with it.

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So now we can talk!!!
Cartels is fyaaa i love the whole thing!

Would be a shame to throw that sweet thing away or lock it away for a year and then just add it again, this would be lazy as hell anyways.

I love it let us keep it.
Make it, so we don’t need Maurice all the time and can just access it when the event is over.

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Yeah, this event seems pretty good. Why not keep it in the game? They can just have it go away when other events are happening like the Halloween event or whatever but then it comes back when those go away. Fully in favor of this staying in the game.

It might be better to just implement that map as an accessible area without all that side mission thing needed.


The map is awesome and the items don’t have annoying anointments like the terror thing
No reason to not keep it

Was heck like that where there was an actual fast travel you could go back and not have to necessarily go through the portal at sanctuary?

Yes heck was pretty much the same.

No, Heck needed you to open the portal each time, which needs you to collect stuff. The Mansion lets you fast travel there, but locks the gate unless you collect stuff.
Same effect, but slightly different manner.

That makes me think the map may be here to stay but the challenges and rewards and them polluting the universe may be a timed event. Sounds plausible but I also know nothing

I do like the fact that it only takes 30 tokens (whatever they are at the moment) to unlock, better than the 100 to get to Heck.
And if you’re collecting stuff on the planet of the week, getting 30 tokens happens in one run at, say, Cathedral of the twin gods, so it’s easy to achieve.