Revenge of Cartels progress keeps resetting

This is the third time I’ve had to restart the Revenge of Cartels event. Every time I start playing all event progress resets. I’ve unlocked rewards and once again it has 0/5 rewards unlocked and I’ve lost some good legendaries acquired during this event as well. Progress during regular game play is fine. Thank you for your time

I play on pc and have the same issue.
I have done the first part of the revenge of the cartels co-op
and on my own, the game states it is completed, but every time
I go to sanctuary and talk to maurice it shows the mission again.
I just did the second part; the revenging, got a confirmation in game,
but again when I talk to maurice, it shows as if it was not done.
I also have been having issues with the game crashing on exit as well
as not syncing on exit.
As of the last hotfix the in game vending is also broke with the buy key
not working right, it will deduct an amount but it is not filling up the weapons.