Revenge of the Cartels is inactive?

I have the update, already leveled up a couple of times with my hero, but Revenge of the Cartels is still inactive. Talking to Maurice gives no mission. I already shut down and restarted the game a couple of times.

Is RotC not active yet? I’m on PC.

Go to menu,
Switch to cartel active or whatever event you want to do,
Start :slight_smile:


Where in the menu? Can’t find anything to activate it.

main menu i think :wink:

I see Revenge of the Cartels in the menu, but it’s inactive and I can’t change it.

Please be more specific.

are you logged into a character? if so, log out and there should be the options (i think) i’m currently not in the game so shooting blind here :wink:

Ok, found it. Why do they hide it in some stupid menu I never look into?
Why isn’t it on by default?

For others who are trying to find it:

  • You should be in the main menu (where you can choose the character)
  • Then press Play
  • Bottom option activates / deactivates a specific event

If you keep pressing the menu, it toggles between all three events and none. It’s in the same menu you see whenever you hit Play (with either Continue or Resume at the top).

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Yeah, I had to come here to figure out how it works since I missed the previous cartels event. My guess is that it is enough of a game-wide reset that you have to change it from the start-up menu, so you can’t just toggle it on/off from within the game, although they figured that out with changing Mayhem Mode levels, but, whatever.

Thanks to everyone who helped clear this up

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So silly that they have a flashy event display in the character menu, including challenges, but you can’t change the setting there. That’s confusing.

I missed previous events, so it was new for me. Also: what’s the point in activating an event that doesn’t even run? (Like the other events). Another example of screwing up the menu’s. They should really have some experts look into it next game.

Oh thanks! I don’t think I would have found it myself for a while. :sweat_smile:

For those that haven’t played/finished an Event:
I’ve finished the Broken Hearts event when it was first active and completed all the objectives for it. If I make it the active event now and then talk to Maurice he doesn’t activate/acknowledge the event (I’m assuming this is so because I’ve already done everything for it). The event itself will still spawn the hearts from enemy encounters but- for me at least- it doesn’t seem as if it will lead to a duplicate of any reward (still at level 65 so maybe it changes if I reach level 72?). Has anyone else completed an Event and have Maurice not acknowledge it?

I think events are temporary, so they need to be activated by the devs. RotC is active since yesterday. You couldn’t do that before.

All events can be activated at any time from the main menu. Whether it’s working as intended seems to be up in the air atm. This came with yesterdays patch.

Pretty sure you have to activate the event you want before you start the session with your character - in other words, you can’t toggle events while your current session is paused.

I think (based on one other thread) that if you have one event as an active quest in your Echo log, that you can’t switch to a different one until you complete it. That may be what you’re running in to with Maurice.

Appreciate the reply but yeah- I did complete Bloody Harvest before switching to the Broken Hearts event. I’ll try it again later today to see if anything has changed, and again after I hit level 66- that might be what’s at work here. Edit- just loaded up the game again and Maurice now offers the Event. Maybe you have to actually quit out of a game before you select another Event?

So there is no Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels mission. Just the Revenge of the Cartels mission from last year reactivated?
Not complaining. Just confusing .

Yes. The desired event has to be selected before starting a session.

Mash the button key corresponding to the Cartels menu several times. It should toggle through each of the three events and then “Disabled”. If it’s not doing that, make sure you did actually quit your last session completely - the top menu item should say “Continue” and not “Resume”.

OK- I guess I’m confusing myself. I actually started the Bloody Harvest event just now (just finished it for the second time since the level increase and am now level 67). Selected the Broken Heart event- and Maurice still won’t allow me to restart it. He’s got the hearts on his head and encounters spark hearts but that’s about it. Going to start the Cartel event- since I haven’t finished all challenges for that I should get the event from Maurice.

I can play Revenge of the Cartels, no problem.
The update notes made it sound like we were getting a new version, Revenge of Revenge of the Cartels. I didn’t see that in the menu.