Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event is Coming April 23rd

Never crossed my mind but I guess that is how it reads.

Unfortunately that seems to be the case. Their Bloody Harvest event introduced new anointments which were only accessible during a month and now, with level increases, not available at all on higher level gear.

I like these events a lot, that is why I wonder if they are ever gonna get permanent one day… It feels like a waste, for the devs, to work on something that is a limited time event, especially because not every player can always play games because real life’s a biatch.

I mean, I get it, they are called SEASONAL for a reason (duh), but still I think they are good enough to get their spot permanently into the game.

And of course, also the new annointed stuff dropping out of the game after the end of the event.


Welp, I was hoping we could get the new anoints onto DLC guns like the Unseen Threat and rare drops like the Skeksil/Garcia.

I hope the Underbosses drop some of the rare drops/once-per-character items like the Bekah. Would solve part of the above problem and people have wanted a Bekah/Scoville farm for forever anyway

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i hope they remove the soft cap on the moneycounter. id like to see how much i actualy have. and do anyone know what time on the 23rd itl drop?

i also think that they should just disable the events after it ends but let the bosses/maps/enemies still be there so we can still be in the maps and shoot enemies in them

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Go to QCS and hit respec, it will show you 10% of your total cash or use Lending smg.


If I recall correctly, prior events (e.g. Captain Haunt) challenges that gave cosmetics gave them for all vault hunters if you beat the goal on one.

I liked the seasonal headhunter dlcs from bl1. You could do them anytime, but they were released at seasonal times.

With the now consistent ability to turn these on or off, my hope is that they are seasonal while the game is evolving (dlcs dropping, level increases happening, tweaking balance) but when the game is “complete” like prior borderlands are now, they’ll just be an on/off toggle.

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In situations like the Halloween event, I understand it was seasonal. People didn’t like these skulls to much and “terror” would actually just chunk the lootpool with stuff that noone wants to have.
So in this case we probably have to wait and see if these anoitments are similar gimmiky and annoying so we are glad when they are gone. But then again, I don’t understand the actual… Why would you design something that people don’t like and waste time by doing so if you are planing to remove it again? Just design new cool anointments to stay for ever and people are happy. Noone needs seasonal content. Content is meant to stay.


This is huge…Thanks

You’re making it hard for me to focus on my retirement bucket list. :wink:

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So this is just exactly like the Halloween event more or less with how it’s structured. Sorta lazy, but alright. More focused on checking mayhem 2.0 out to see where my time will be spent but this will be something sorta interesting to do once or twice along the way I suppose.

It really seems like such a terrible waste of effort on the devs part to not use these extra maps/reskinned enemies. Also it’s a horrendous kick in the teeth to late investors who get it past the event dates in a sale or just at a later date period :confused: dunno I’ve never been a fan of limited time anything in any game ever made to this point so yea lol


Nice one for this event, it’s pretty cool and its the first one we’ve managed to take part in since the game was released. We really enjoyed the change of scenery with a new boss to go at. Thanks for the effort on it.

I’ve been having some bad drops recently, seem to just get the same 3 legendary snipers over and over but when I went into the villa map I actually managed to get some new weapons worth keeping. Previously in slaughter shaft, slaughterstar 3000 and testing mayhem 2.0 looking for cartels in pandora I seemed to get the same drops

@ above
Theres an event with region locked loot (e.g. 1 region only gives snipers).
Slaughter shaft still gives variety loot tho and it also spawns the cartel dudes.

Amazing event! Thanks guys!

Ahh thanks for this it’s probably just coincidence then I didn’t know about the event being loot specific.

We ran slaughter shaft and it dropped 2 legendary snipers for me but we moved on after 3 waves

Then we tried to run slaughterstar and the event crashed after wave 1. You know when you’ve killed all the enemies but the game dosent move on. I got 1 legendary sniper.

Then in pandora I had about 15 legendary snipers drop over 2 small areas with cartels.

But they were all the same 3 guns monocle, asmd and woodblocker

I do like this Cartel event. The enemies are a bit different, some are min-bosses which take work to clear out.
I was playing M7 with my Fadeaway FL4K. Had alot of fun. The Villa is a nice map, but the final arena is a bit too small for my taste, especially with the number of adds. I wasn’t geared properly, so did not finish the final boss.
I did complete everything else I was doing. On my Athenas run, near the end picked up a Yellowcake with 200% on action skill active.
The next step was Private Beans so I equipped it to see how it would do. Needless to say I died laughing when I put on Fadeaway, walked up to him and fired one rocket into his face. Boom he was gone ha ha ha ha…

Does the fact there’s a fast travel station mean we’ll be able to revisit the mansion when the event ends?

I hope we can travel back after the end date. Give Maurice an ‘Event Archive’ with the events added. I mean, the old mayhem selector is pretty much pointless now so re-purpose that. Coincidentally, its right next to Maurice :wink: It was kinda frustrating that the Wedding Invitation was only good for like a week.