Revenge of the cartels

Will revenge of the cartels return if not im screwed beacuse i missed the event note i play on xbox and am after the heads i missed if you have copys you can spare please message me.

Although nothing specific has been said, the intention for the seasonal events certainly appears to be that they would cycle round again - much like the seasonal cosmetic packs in BL2 would be re-released each year. They’re all effectively part of the base game code now (so event rewards can continue to be used), so all GBX would have to do is re-enable them via hotfix.

See that’s the difference between previous installments of this series and BL3. In BL2 even tho there were some events the basics of the seasonally themed stuff like Frost Bottom were still available outside of the corresponding timeframes and this is how IMO it should also be BL3. Make for example Villa Ultraviolet a place you can always visit in order to farm the associated loot but keep the event (the cartel mobs spawning all over the place and the achievements) itself seasonal.