Reverse Diagnosing Problem Part 1: Missing Research?

Before I begin, thank you in advance for the very act of reading my post. I am very new to HW modding (Less than a week) so some obvious things may pass right by my head.

So, In a mod that I am modding (lol) there is a subsystem that cannot be built, it allows for the faction in question to build nuclear missiles. When the “All research completed” option is turned on before the launch of a game, I am able build it. This is a well known established issue with the mod–Its not just my copy, and the mod is effectively abandoned at this point. I apologize in advance if the information needed isn’t presented in a useful manner, please inform what you desire if this is the case.

First, I needed to find the module–I did this by looking at the locale file and finding out what Number name the description had.

In Locale\Buildresearch.dat
7964 Description:\nMA Nukes, Unlocks Moebius Nuke Type. \n\nType:Module (Takes 1 Module Slot). \n\nPrerequisites: Guided Anti-vessel Missile, Anti Laminated Armor Torpedo, New GAT Gundam research. \n\nUnlock Module: None.

I then searched for files that had that number string.

In Scripts\buildandresearch.dat\omni\build.lua
Type = SubSystem,
ThingToBuild = “OMNI_agamemnon_module_nuclear”,
RequiredResearch = “GundamTech & BigMissileTech”,
RequiredShipSubSystems = “FighterProduction & MaMissile & (! NuclearProduction)”,
DisplayPriority = 1,
DisplayedName = “$7962”,
Description = “$7964”, },

I am confident that MAMissle and FighterProduction are being completed, targetting “NuclearProduction”

The only things that have "Nuclearproduction according to a powershell Text string search across the data directory is a AI build file, The Build.lua referenced above, and a .Subs file


NewSubSystemType = StartSubSystemConfig()
NewSubSystemType.displayedName = “$7962”
NewSubSystemType.sobDescription = “$7963”
NewSubSystemType.tacticalIcon = “hexagon”
NewSubSystemType.tacticalIconMinSize = 0.0035
NewSubSystemType.tacticalIconMinFadeSize = 0.0045
NewSubSystemType.tacticalIconMaxFadeSize = 0.008
NewSubSystemType.groupMergeSize = 0.001
NewSubSystemType.mouseOverMinFadeSize = 0.045
NewSubSystemType.mouseOverMaxFadeSize = 0.1
NewSubSystemType.maxhealth = 10000
NewSubSystemType.regentime = 250
NewSubSystemType.nlips = 0
NewSubSystemType.nlipsRange = 0
NewSubSystemType.nlipsFar = 0
NewSubSystemType.nlipsFarRange = 0
NewSubSystemType.meshRenderLimit = 0.004
NewSubSystemType.minimumZoomFactor = 0.6800000000000001
NewSubSystemType.selectionLimit = 5000
NewSubSystemType.preciseATILimit = 5000
NewSubSystemType.selectionPriority = 37.5
NewSubSystemType.type = “System”
NewSubSystemType.typeString = “NuclearProduction”
NewSubSystemType.collateralDamage = 100
NewSubSystemType.inactiveTimeAfterDamage = 10
NewSubSystemType.activateHealthPercentage = 0.1
NewSubSystemType.costToBuild = 3000
NewSubSystemType.timeToBuild = 150
NewSubSystemType.isResearch = 0
NewSubSystemType.visible = 1
NewSubSystemType.BuildFamily = “SubSystem_Omni”
NewSubSystemType.AttackFamily = “UnAttackable”
NewSubSystemType.DockFamily = “CantDock”
NewSubSystemType.DisplayFamily = “SubSystemModule”
NewSubSystemType.ArmourFamily = “SubSystemArmour”

I don’t have enough knowledge yet on this, but I personally believe that the problem stems from the “Nuclearproduction” Tag–But I am not sure how to piece it all together. Requesting assistance on how I should proceed!

It looks to me as though the entry ! NuclearProduction ( ! = Not ) in the RequiredShipSubSystems line of the OMNI_agamemnon_module_nuclear build.lua entry may be specifically precluding the omni_agamemnon_module_nuclear.subs (typeString = “NuclearProduction”) from being built. Perhaps if you tried removing the & (! NuclearProduction) from the RequiredShipSubSystems line you may find that you can build the subsystem once the other requirements are met.

It looks as though someone either accidentally or purposefully restricted the build.

I too am a relative newcomer and this was not really obvious at all, but sometimes it takes fresh eyes. Please let me know if this was helpful.

Was this at all helpful?

Incase you haven’t got this working yet …
It sounds like an issue around research, not subsystems, in that you say you can build the subsystem if you have the all reseach enabled.
The research you are after is
RequiredResearch = “GundamTech & BigMissileTech”

The NuclearProduction subsystem in
RequiredShipSubSystems = “FighterProduction & MaMissile & (! NuclearProduction)”
just means your ship can NOT have that subsystem if you want to build this subsystem on the ship.