Reverse Sex Appeal!

So my girlfriend pointed something out to me. She noticed that none of the females are really all that curvy. Aside from the bottom half of Reyna and the top half of Pheobe, they’re just scarily thin!

Then you glance at the males. And accidentally glance at a crotch. And Woah Montana! That’s a big gun! Then, out of curiosity… You look at other characters… And yup, the men are all packing heat, and I don’t mean their guns.

I find this hilarious. I don’t care one way or the other about sexualizing characters. Be them male or female. Although a sexy it would be nice. For the shiggles, a sexy Miko. :slight_smile:
Anyone else notice some interesting character details that don’t match standard social norms?


Rath wears a dress.


Boldur is all the eye-candy you ladies need


Uh, have you even SEEN Orendi? She has a sadistic and violent personality, is literally crazy, and keeps talking about eating people. Plus, she’s got four arms, and i can think of 74 incredibly sexy things that one could do with that. What more do you need?


So that’s why whenever I see some of that rare BattlePorn it’s always Orendi…
Well, her or Pendles… :tired_face:

People like effed up ■■■■ I guess.


Women are always saying that men are incapable of loving a woman for thier personality; just thier looks. Then i direct them to Orendi, and they shut up… They also look at me weird. Then I remember that i can have BOTH with MKX Mileena, and forget why i liked Orendi in the first place. …I forgot what the point of this post was… POCKET SAND!! -runs-


Sex appeal is a difficult topic to broach lately, especially if you want to create an over sexed character in a game like this.

An over active sex drive is hard to put across in games without saddling a design with a garbage pail of attractive features, and if you don’t put a few in there, it ends up being a bit gross - e.g., no one wants to participate in those things you are offering to do, Felicia, bye.

That said, Nova with the fist of God.


Felicia the tragically-ended AI from Borderlands the Pre Sequel?

this doesn’t have to do with sexes but i just recently noticed that all the characters share the same basic form I.e. they are all bipedal and have arms and heads in relatively human places. Even Toby.

I say the real issue here is not the sexualization of characters, but the humanization of characters who come from a vast and hopefully varying universe. Even the varelsi (skulks) share the same human-ness.

I think that’s Felicity.

Felicia, the lady from the pub with knockers to her waist who takes her teeth out and offers you the “best breakfast in bed you’ve ever had”

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Yep, it’s sad that some people are so disgusted by their own body image, that they feel the need to cry and complain about a video game.

If women could simply accept the fact that men will bone anything, then the world would be a place with women who accepted that as a fact.

Maybe not ANYTHING… (note the “maybe” :slight_smile:)

I want you to know… this evening, I walked by my full length wall mirror.
Then I sat down, logged onto my computer, connected to the internet, and read the title of this post.
What happened next may just be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced.
I got up.
I walked over towards the mirror backwards.
I passed in front of the mirror backwards real slow being sure to make the sound of a truck backin’ up.
G*d… damn…
I don’t think I ever had a more perfect moment in time.

Now to spread the love. Time to walk past the entrance to the mess hall… and then…mmmmhmmmm… reverse baby. Cuz y’all need instant replay to truly appreciate this.



Do what I just said in a bar…
Walk by a girl, then back up in slow motion and say, “Girl… I hope you love Friday night football… cuz I just gave you an instant replay.”


I HAD an off-color pick-up line to use on you that involved the word “worm” and male Genitalia, but then i puked, and my brain mercifully burned it out of my mind.

OH, GOD. I REMEMBER NOW!! -retches and faints-


The last thing I thought people would think of when it comes to Battleborn is sex appeal. But there;s always a niche I guess.

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Weird i haven’t noticed any sex appeal at all in battleborn and thats what i love it is based solely on gameplay and not around weird sexy characters that not everyone likes


I know that line…
I used that on my nestmate once.
She got up at like 4am once cuz she couldn’t sleep.
So I said all sexy… “Hey girl… the early bird…”

Unfortunately this story also ended in vomiting. Not because she didn’t find me sexy as hell or because it was a bad pickup line, but because she had a nasty stomach virus and had actually gotten up to use the bathroom. So… it was a mirror and a box of tissues that night… but man… OH MAN… WHEN SHE RECOVERED!!!
Someone actually called the cops on us.


They tried but it’s “a b****” to animate and produce. They almost cut s and a for that reason. The designer said definitely not but somehow she did.