Reverse Sex Appeal!

When you’re queer (or trans) the only way to avoid making homophobes uncomfortable is effectively to cease existing.

I make no apologies for my continuing to be here, causing discomfort.


Are you for real?
Do we have the same definition of “Homophobes”? Tell me we don’t.

“F***ing furries” -The internet.


This, treating people poorly for the way they were born is much different than how we treat people for their actions.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, trans people are also people just like everyone else. There is no reason to be disgusted by them unless people disgust you in general. They are not weird alien creatures or contagious beings spreading plagues, they are just people. In fact you have most likely interacted with multiple trans people in your life without knowing it or being disgusted by them and by you I mean people in general.

People are people, color, gender, sexual preference, what ever, just people.

The only people that disgust me are people who take disgusting actions, like bigotry and hate. I’ve never found someone disgusting for a way they were born, how they look, but for actions they take.


Honestly, I don’t think you are born gay or anything, and I don’t really understand gay or transgender things,now I’m not going to be hating people if they are and will be friendly and have them as a friend, just respectively disagree with them, hell, I like diversity and would not care if a character was queer or anything (and just to say, this thread needs to stop, it is getting out of hand)

It must be a case of the gays beneath it all. How insightful.

Well, i’d hate for Philadelphia to get in the middle of what you two have going on. Just be considerate and send a Christmas card. And would it kill you to call once in a while?

My reflection will never be the same.

3 male birds.

prepares fiddle for a fireside performance

I’m slightly disheartened to see a witty little thread made by @kennysded has devolved in to a vitriolic conversation due to a few agitators.

I find it strange that as a moderator I spent most of my time having to explain the rules which are clearly posted at all times, but I’ll be glad to do so once again;

Forums are not a ‘Safe Space’, frankly no place on earth is for everyone. You will be questioned on ideas and principles you hold dear may be brought in to question by some one who knows more (or less) on the subject than you.

What our forum most certainly is; a place where you should never expect yourself to be preyed upon or insulted due to how you identify or your beliefs.

You’re not allowed to call in to question the very nature of a person’s being and give impromptu assessments of their mental health, morality, or ‘rightness’ (however one measures the latter).

I’m going to put a halt on this preposterous false equivalency which was mentioned that ‘homophobes’ and LGBT people should get the same amount of representation. No, no they shouldn’t. Gearbox gets to choose who they represent, and I will do something I NEVER do which is make an assumption on a company I do not work for;

If you’re a homophobe, chances are Gearbox doesn’t really give a damn to represent you. Should you seek representation, may I kindly suggest many of the listed organizations who actively spread hatred towards minorities? It won’t be difficult to find, you’ll find a listing of them on the FBI watch list, should you be interested in signing up.

See, the issue with this idea of Transgender, Gay, or any other topic being a ‘discuss or hush’ duality, is that it puts on the line the very right to exist for another group.

Can anyone find a single thread where an LGBT member of the community said there can’t be straight characters? Or are ‘disgusted’ by heterosexual relationships? That it so offends them to play a heterosexual man? Doubtful. I’d actually wager most of them have spent the majority of their gaming career playing on white heterosexual men.

Before anyone goes and posts a video of a transgender person insulting “cissies” from some site and uses it as some false proof of absolute transgender malignancy, thanks, but no need. We’re aware that there are hateful people on the internet, and we could frankly find a mirror video for any group you can imagine, but they do not represent our community. So let’s not argue over the least common denominator among every group in existence.

Anyone who is perturbed by the idea of transgender characters is also welcome not to play on them. People in this thread were musing that it would be fun to be represented, and others are attempting to block them from a basic right.

No one is saying you can’t have “Super-straight males girl chasing adventure XIV”, bless you for it, I hope you enjoy it. Nor that you can’t only wish to play on straight characters.

The major disparity here is that one side is claiming that their rights are being impeded by the mere existence of another group, and that is not how this will operate.

May I say for the record; If we were to find a member of the LGBT community saying that ‘straight people’ or ANY OTHER GROUP have no right to be represented, they’d be looking down the barrel of a suspension. But there in lies the paradox, none of that is happening. There are no threads on here asking for the expulsion of the most represented group, just a kind request for a token gesture of support to the group they identify with.

So, @corderroholmes, after trying to nudge you towards the forum rules on 4 different instances, and your ignoring mod PMs, I’m going to speak to you on here. In hopes you’ll finally pay attention.

Your oddly omnipresent ‘homophobic’ friend is a bigot. Nobody, and I mean nobody, within the moderating staff gives a damn about his homophobia, transphobia or any other irrational fear of a segment of the human race, and will not be tailoring our forum to it. He has no more voice here than some one who would be a flat out racist, anti-Christian, or any hold a hatred to any other sub group you can think of.

Any further outward hatred towards ANY group will result in an instant suspension.




It’s a shame I can’t like this twice. So instead, I’ll just leave this here:



You can like it, then unlike it so you can like it again


Woah, we should keep THAT kind of discussion quarantined in the thread where it belongs!

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@ all the mods… Thanks :slight_smile: particularly with that guy - I stop talking in any thread I see him in. Which may sound rude but… HE TRIED TO TELL ME HARRY POTTER ISN’T MAGIC! That’s like murdering Santa with a spoon! :cry:


He WHAT? Tell me everything. Now.

Why does Pendles have an Eldrid (brown) background we got into an argument about magic… And… And… He said they weren’t magic! That since there are rules, it’s technology. Because magic can’t have rules I guess?

Oh. I’m talking about a user… I’m done after this one I swear please don’t hurt me…

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Haha, best be careful! Thank you for the link. I shall peruse it judiciously.

Just wanna say one thing: Gbx chose great forum mods. You guys are lovely and I’d probably hug every single one of you if I had the chance and you gave me permission to do so! :kissing_cat:
Bless Gbx and bless you. The internet isn’t a safe space, but these forums are much safer than many other sites.


Oh my… I DID THAT TOO! I´m a monster!!! :sob: Revisited the topic - I made a huge post how all is science… Santas blood is on my spoon too :confounded:



Yeah but you did it in that happy all is one hippie way. You didn’t just scream SCIENCE! And then proceed to stab Santa… :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally agree!

(quick glance behind camera where @Kitty_Jo beats palm menacingly with a bloody spoon)


I identify as a plant.

(Raises hand.) I am, in fact, an Ice Golem, and I’m damn proud to have our kind represented in Battleborn!


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