Reverse Sex Appeal!

You can like it, then unlike it so you can like it again


Woah, we should keep THAT kind of discussion quarantined in the thread where it belongs!

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@ all the mods… Thanks :slight_smile: particularly with that guy - I stop talking in any thread I see him in. Which may sound rude but… HE TRIED TO TELL ME HARRY POTTER ISN’T MAGIC! That’s like murdering Santa with a spoon! :cry:


He WHAT? Tell me everything. Now.

Why does Pendles have an Eldrid (brown) background we got into an argument about magic… And… And… He said they weren’t magic! That since there are rules, it’s technology. Because magic can’t have rules I guess?

Oh. I’m talking about a user… I’m done after this one I swear please don’t hurt me…

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Haha, best be careful! Thank you for the link. I shall peruse it judiciously.

Just wanna say one thing: Gbx chose great forum mods. You guys are lovely and I’d probably hug every single one of you if I had the chance and you gave me permission to do so! :kissing_cat:
Bless Gbx and bless you. The internet isn’t a safe space, but these forums are much safer than many other sites.


Oh my… I DID THAT TOO! I´m a monster!!! :sob: Revisited the topic - I made a huge post how all is science… Santas blood is on my spoon too :confounded:



Yeah but you did it in that happy all is one hippie way. You didn’t just scream SCIENCE! And then proceed to stab Santa… :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally agree!

(quick glance behind camera where @Kitty_Jo beats palm menacingly with a bloody spoon)


I identify as a plant.

(Raises hand.) I am, in fact, an Ice Golem, and I’m damn proud to have our kind represented in Battleborn!


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You can hugg me anyday

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I love the Gif, I watch that with my niece all the time

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Don’t worry guys I got this!!

So I started picking up orendi for the first time(man she is difficult…) and all I have to say is




Omg it’s so sexy… I mean I could probably make it work… Teeth are a little scary but they make masks for that… Um… So I have heard…


Heyheyhey, there’s like two people that made it sound like people who identify with Kelvin don’t exist!

I most certainly identify with a being made of many smaller beings, as my cells would like you to know. :wink: But I also identify with ISIC. Life truly is a sad thing, and if you had the capability to pull back the curtain HOW MANY OF YOU COULD RESIST THAT TEMPTATION. commence evil laughter containing many beeps and boops Honestly, you people and your emotions. Emotions only add an unnecessary variable into the equation.

So while I have nothing to add on the ‘sex appeal’ front, from my true lack of understanding/cohesion of sex appeal as a concept, I would very much like to spend much time around Kelvin and ISIC.


Could you please elaborate? I’m genuinely interested in what you mean.

Thank you for the support, but trust us when we say, it’s the users as a collective that make the task worthwhile. Most of the time, it’s a joy to log on.

That being said we’re most certainly not trying to make this a safe place in many interpretations of the concept. This is a place where one can expect to be challenged on many concepts, including those they may find personal or integral to their being.

We prohibit any personal attacks. If one can’t express their ideas without disqualifying, demeaning, condescending, or insulting others, then they’re not welcome.

The one issue we do tend to have is the division between free speech and forum policy. The rule is simple; there is nothing worth saying in an intellectual discussion between peers that can’t be said politely.

She’s like Wonder Woman. There’s nothing new or diverse about her. She’s just buff. They still made her very cartoon-pretty as well.
She just has arm curves and leg curves instead of ridiculous hourglass curves like widowmaker

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I did mention ‘free speech’ above but it’s always rather a hot potato to drop on a forum :stuck_out_tongue: Basically (at least as I understand it) free speech entitles everyone to a soapbox, in particular without the Government closing you down, and that’s important. But that doesn’t mean from day to day that people have to put up with you saying whatever you like in the way you want to in every context. If you go into the restaurant of a posh hotel and start shouting, it’s reasonable to expect to get thrown out. Similarly this forum has its own rules and contexts when it comes to what we say on what’s entirely your turf: you’re not the Government.