Reverse Sex Appeal!

Attikus is this game’s widowmaker. Besides that, no.



Throwing up?

Isn’t that how you bird-folk feed your young 'uns?


It was ME. They don’t call me “Handsome Cam” for nothing, and i NEED my beauty sleep. Also highly illegal appearance-altering drugs…

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No, that’s regurgitation.
They’re easily confused to outsiders, but trust me. They are two COMPLETELY different things.

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I’m surprised they didn’t bother reusing sentry animation and made an easy sentry battleborn; considering they went through the trouble of animating three of those in one-off appearances.

Yeah… well I bet you were real pissed when the cops came back over and told you their standing policy on aviant noise complaints: you can be as loud as the hell you want when you’re makin’ love.

Incidentally, have you ever done it to the MacGyver theme?


The McGyver theme, the National Geographic theme, the Universal Studios theme, you name it; but i respect my neighbors’ when i do! They respectfully decline the right to participate…


The Jeopardy theme…

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3 one offs? Chronicle, wolf, Geoff, and every single Incursion match. And hey’d have to make it smaller, give it actual interesting skills, a backstory, etc.

Wait… so having loud freaky sex ISN’T considered respectful in human culture?
Man, you guys are weird.
Aviants are EXCLUSIVELY arrogant, proud, and loud 'round people they respect.

I did get in a weird mood once and tried the Doctor Who theme though… the old school Doctor Who theme.

Incidentally, I love how there are two completely different conversations with completely different tones going on at the same time in this thread. Seriously. I love it.

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I’m just glad you all got some amusement out of this. Hey Benny, how’s your nerf treating you? :slight_smile:


Well… I accidentally broke the friggin’ thing and now it won’t fire.
Friggin’ cheap plastic toy.
All I did was try to add a micro-explosive to the tip of the foam bullet…


Dat beard! Does arms! Dat tree stump! The one growing out of his shoulders, perv.

Some men will overlook it. But, it isn’t a sustainable strategy. To be fair, I tend to hear this diatribe from women who are in denial concerning the quality of their personality.

Not disagreeing. Dadbod+Curlbro+Jay Leno chin= something special. Kudos to the designers for the arm veins. A real sign of a true curlbro.


Okay, four. I’m pretty sure scaling down a character is much easier than you think though. And between Chronicle, Wolf, and Geoff, there’s quite a lot of “skills” to work with; plus, I think gearbox has already done a pretty good job on characterizing the sentry line of bots.

Still much less work than creating a new character from the ground up. But probably not as popular of an idea as people wanting Nova in an voluptuous body.


A lot of people want her to be in a body that is plain. Almost genderless. They get upset at all the sexy women in games

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I don’t know if i’d go that far.

Nova and gender is something kind of tricky. She is depicted as and referred to as female. I think there is some room in there to be like “Nova is the ship AI and ships have a history of being referred to as female” without it being some creepy we built a robo woman with robo high heels, thing.

Marquis is clearly a tribute (sincere or snarky) to male fashions and behaviors of a certain class and time period. So, there is some precedence. However, Marquis was built to be a companion to Phoebe from the start, whereas ISIC was not. Nova, to me, is more like ISIC in that she was built to perform a task other than be a BB. ISIC is obviously male in characterization, but not in appearance.

Besides, there’s a Jennerit character still to come. Possibly female. They have had a good track record for this sort of stuff, if that’s what you’re into.

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If they make Nova look like EDI from Mass Effect I’m gonna punch a baby.
If I see another sexy AI I’m gonna lose all hope in good and innovative character design. Sorry, but I really don’t want Nova to be in something else than a big tanky robot suit that is made to wreck the hell out of any obstacles… We got enough sexy robots in other games :unamused:


I’m hoping Nova gets the spiderbot treatment, but I would also like to see her be more of a transformer type character with dps, support, and tank forms - so her support could be a sexy nurse, her dps a black widow spider bot, and her tank a bladebot/MX bot looking combo.


That would be pretty awesome!
I just don’t know how hard it would be to balance her if she really could change between support, dps and tank :c