Revert Marquis damage

With how low his health is now (which was admittedly needed), his damage should be the way it was day one. His damage is pathetically low atm. He’s simply an inferior Thorn at this point.

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He used to be fun.

He IS playable, and for me easier to use than Thorn.

It would be nice to just have fun again and not be worrying every time a Evolved Thrall comes the way.

I just wish he really would live up to the title of “sniper” again.

What I think they need to do is revert his damage nerf, and rework his passive entirely.

I mentioned this before, and I hope @Jythri likes it!

Change Marqui’s passive ability. The way it is now, it deals extra damage on the third shot on a target, but I was thinking, what if, it instead rewarded consecutive hits?

First, revert the damage nerf, second, change his passive effect to this:

First shot deals normal damage, the second shot deals +15% damage, and the third shot deals +30% damage, this damage does not stack, and increases to +25% and 45% when you get the helix that increases damage.

The stacks reset if you miss one shot, if you get all three, and if three seconds pass and you haven’t shot them again.

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I thought his Ein, Zwei, Die bonus was fine.

This sounds good, and should be a bit easier to do considering Aurelias development

Yeah I think it’s fine too, rewarding

If they changed it to it’s old Glory in the Damage Department and let you miss out on the damage for missing that… I’d Take it.

Mostly PvE, so if I miss this stupid AI Controlled enemies I already feel ashamed.

But instead of seperated buffs I think it should still stay with every third hit, otherwise His skill that makes the second hit deal extra damage would need some reworking…

The problem with it is that 50% seemed to be too much to many, and I still say that 25% is garbage. I dunno, I think it work.

Yeah 50 is a lot but very rewarding, also how do you feel about shield penetration, I think it should also make the recharge take the longer to start, honestly I just want to use executive access because of the name, otherwise do you think it should be reworked and how

Well he’s a sniper. He’s rewarded for landing consecutive shots. Lowering the reward doesn’t make sense.

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If you’re going to go with a reward style, why not make it a lower amount, but attack higher? Really reward you. 5% up to ten times, or 10% five times. Something like that, with a ten second or less timer between shots where it resets.

Yes, but this is still dealing more than it is currently, (25%), and not quite as much as it did before (50%), the biggest difference is that you are penalized for missing.

It’s a good reward though why change what’s not broken, just put everything back to normal, but nerf slightly regular shots

It never was really a problem though. The health nerf made it so he’s truly squishy which is all he really needed as far as nerfs go.

I think the biggest problem is that he’s rewarded for making shots quickly rather than accurately. Make his passive so that when getting two crits in a row, the second deals 2.5 times damage. His level 5 upgrade makes it so every crit deals 2 times damage, or that the second crit deals 3 times damage. Tweak those numbers as needed, but you get the idea. Essentially, reward accuracy over more mostly good shots. He’s a sniper, not a long ranged bombardier.

Well that is a tank problem, others it does take skill, however if it was just good crits as passive I geusse I would be ok with it


Well to land shots with him, you have to be accurate. The only time when accuracy isn’t really a very large factor with him is against a Montana, Toby, or Kelvin. Landing shots quickly and accurately is what he’s mostly built to do as a sniper. Crits aren’t exactly the easiest to land either when you have to deal with bullet speed, the visual mess that the game is constantly throwing at you, and with how everyone is constantly moving around. Having his passive only work on crits would make it really gimmicky.

Yup, HOWEVER, his rate of fire is too fast for a sniper

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