Reverting ultimate moves to how they were before the patch

Is there any word about reverting the ultimate move to how there where before the patch? As with no loud call outs from across the map and the same dialog repeated over and over. It really dosent work for this game like that as the maps are too big and its just annoying. I much prefer the way it was before where you could only hear it when you where in an enemy’s vicinity and there were multiple voice lines for each ultimate.


Apparently restoring the lines is in the next update. No date on when that will drop yet.


thank goodness, and thanks for the reply.

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When was that said

There was a comment in one of the other threads. It wasn’t part of an official announcement. I cannot vouch for it’s accuracy, but the person who made the post is someone who’s been pretty reliable on these things in the past.


And that is awesome, I can finally hear more shayne and aurox ult quotes (though I was happy they kept the “I hear the bell for DINNER” line)

When you typed ‘before the patch’, my mind immediately said, ‘yea. I would like to have Ambra’s slow back please. It makes sense if you are pulling down a space rock’…
But then I continued to read and realised that you were talking about the callouts…
Now if they mix up the callouts, I will be ok with the shouting across the map. At least they wouldn’t be saying the same thing over and over and over and over. …


I would be fine if it was just one if Gearbox had picked the good callouts. It’s been so long since I heard Rath say, “How much blood do you have? I’M VERY CURIOUS!!!” Instead I’m left with, “Our time together is over!”

I’ll confirm that we are bringing back the variety in ult lines with the next major patch. No date on that, but it’s on it’s way back.

We are keeping the changes where ult lines will fire 100% of the time ults are used, and the increase in volume. But each character will go back to using their pool of ~15 lines for the ult.


Thank you much, sir.

Half the reason Ulting was enjoyable, was because of the many different things that were said. I wouldn’t mind the global shout if it weren’t for the lack of variation.

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Thank you so much, also any news on toning down my mains shayne and aurox, they are a little to powerful (also boldur are yall just gonna tone down his damage since that is all that is needed)

I just want to add one very imporant thing to this topic:




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Great news, thank you! Hated to see all that sweet dialog vanish!


This is some of the best news I’ve heard all day. Can’t even begin to describe how much I hate the phrase, “I’m helping!”


This makes me so happy. I can’t wait to hear what other lines KU has for his ult.

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Yay, Kid Ultra and Beatrix will have multiple ult lines