Review Round-Up!

With reviews coming out around 1PM EST today, I thought I’d put together a thread for everyone to post reviews they find. Please using the following format for simplicity:
Site name
Any takeaways you liked

I’m also going to ahead and add these:

Metacritics for each platform. Happy hunting!

Edit: Many reviewers are waiting to give a final score and instead doing a review-in-progress. They have been able to play the campaign but the online servers have just gone up. They wish to hold judgement until having a solid amount of time on the PvP side. Expect scattered reviews towards the end of the week


So according to GI, this time is not the Embargo lift but the time at which critics may begin playing :confused:


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Are you going to edit that in to the Original Post?


Score: 7.3 (currently)

Didn’t get why they did the review based on the Beta they had the chance to play and not the final game?
Or I just misunderstood what happen there.

They got to play the actual game (I think), but haven’t gotten to REALLY play the multiplayer.

Correct. This is their ‘in progress’ review of the actual game.

I will be happy with a 8.0 overall

I think this is one of those odd games that is kind of all over the place in polish and lore, but should be rated higher because it invites curiosity

Kind of not a review, more of a description, but still:


Gaming Trend

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Is there a way to make the radar transparent on split screen? The big blue box is annoying and disrupts the flow for people who use split screen. I also purchased the season pass and dont have the legendary loot that was promised will that wait till a release date? And does anyone have moments where there character teleports or gliche in short distance? Other than these issue i like the gameplay.

I think you’re in the wrong thread for that.

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You have three legendary gear packs in the Gear section of the game.

Season pass didn’t get you the 3 legendaries. Deluxe edition did.

Please use some other threads tho to discuss your concerns. Thanks.


I’m so done reading reviews. Most of the negative reviews pretty much go like this
"I was really excited for this game but then multiplayer was hard so it’s now boring and bland with generic enemies."
Sorry the game is not easy for you.
Sorry you’re used to every game handing you accomplishments to make you feel good about yourself you don’t actually develope any skill.


Hardcore Gamer
“Battleborn has done what I would have previously thought was impossible: it has kept me interested in its multiplayer”

The three finalized reviews are each a solid 9/10!

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