Revisited Critical Hit Modifier Guide

Since the original crit damage guide for TPS is pretty old and is missing some information I figured I’d make a new one. Some of the work comes from the people who made the original guides (Sljm, Loot turtle, DeputyChuck, Derch, Exotek, DSs and Kringled). The BL2 version of this guide as well as the old TPS guide made by @DeputyChuck can be found below.

Critical Hit Modifier Types

There are 4 different crit modifiers, refered to as Type A, Type B,
Type C and Type D.

Type A - This one is the most common crit type for weapons and all skills or equipment have this type
Type B - This one is a lot rarer and mostly found in Jakobs weapons, it is multiplicative to Type A
Type C - This one has a negative impact on your damage output as it divides your damage numbers, in TPS it is only found in non-Jakobs assault rifles
Type D - This one is not affected by any other crit type and is added on top of everything else (so far this type has not been found in TPS yet)

Damage Calculation

Crit Damage = Damage * 2 * (1 + Type A %) * (1 + Type B %) / (1 + Type C %) + (Damage * 2 * Type D %)

Item Card Values

Description cards of guns often provide incorrect or no information about their crit modifiers. Generally if a gun type has a crit modifier by default (like all sniper rifles for example) the item card will list no crit damage, unless that stat is modified by anything (like a sniper rifle crit accessory). If a gun has two different crit modifiers the value on the card will be incorrect. Also the values of certain Class Mods and Oz Kits can be off by 0.5%.

Swapping Weapons

Swapping weapons while the projectile of a gun that has a crit modifier is still in the air will result in the projectile losing the guns crit modifier and, if present, will gain the crit modifier of the gun that is swapped to.


Tombstone gives you a chance to score critical hits with any type of damage you deal except damage over time (including grenades, melee etc.). Crit modifiers of weapons you’re holding or skills and gear with crit damage do affect the damage of any critical hit you achieve this way, except for melee damage (so if you hold a regular sniper rifle with +100% crit damage and throw a grenade that scores a critical hit you’ll get 4 times (1 * 2 * 2) the damage).

One For Each of Ya and Funzerking

If a gun with a crit modifier is used with these skills active, the crit modifier (including part specific modifiers) will be doubled. So for example dual-wielding a regular Jakobs pistol with a Punishing Luneshine skin will result in a total of +50% and +20% crit damage (more if a Hyperion barrel is present).

Crit Bonuses

Note: Only guns that vary from their non-unique counterpart in terms of crit bonus will be listed. For example the Omni-Cannon has +100% but will not be listed because a regular Hyperion sniper already has +100% crit damage.

Basic Guns

Hyperion Laser = +50%
Sniper Rifle = +100%
Jakobs Sniper Rifle = +160%
Assault Rifle = +20%
Jakobs Assault Rifle = +15%
Jakobs Shotgun = +15%
Jakobs Pistol = +25%

Unique Guns (guaranteed gun modifiers already taken into consideration)

Fatale = +75%
Cheat Code = +75%
Longest Yard = +150%
88 Fragnum = +25%
Mining Laser = +50%
Heartbreaker = +50%
Fibber (crit variant) = +700%
Lady Fist = +800%
Chère-amie = +120%
Good Touch = +70%
Bad Touch = +70%
Fremington’s Edge = +100% or +175% (when scoped)
Hail = +200% and +20%
Striker = +50% and +15%
Wallop = +60% and +15%
T4s-R = +7.5%
Probe = +5%
Gwen’s Other Head = +37.5%

Gun Modifiers

Sniper Rifle Crit Accessory = +20%
Shotgun Crit Accessory = +50%
Pistol Hyperion Barrel = +7.5%
Hyperion Barrel on Hyperion Lasers = +50%
Hyperion Stock on Hyperion Lasers = +10%
Punishing Luneshine = +10%
Overload (Red) Glitch = +100%
Overload (Red) Glitch on Sniper Rifles and Railguns = +50%

Skills (maxed out)

Escalation = +25%
Markswoman = +30%
Warning Shot = +35% (after missing a shot with a sniper rifle)
I Never Miss = +3.5% per stack (after hitting an enemy with a sniper rifle)
Targeting Scope = +50% (after getting a kill)
Kick Him While He’s Up = +25% (after getting a second wind)
Cold Advance = +30%
Synergy = +30% (after getting a kill)
Fuzzy Logic = +30% (after being hit)
Bona Fide Grit = +35% (after getting a kill)
All Glory to the Master = +0.4% per stack (master) and +0.2% per stack (servant) (after killing an enemy that has been shot by your servant while having Valet stacks)
Company Man = +10% per Hyperion item equipped

Gear (max stats at lvl 70)

Blademaster = +43%
Howitzer = +43%
Crapshooter = +48.5%
CEO = +24% (team bonus)
High Definition = +43%
Sport Hunter = +43%
Celestial Doppelganger = +48.5%
Celestial Fragtrap = +55%
Celestial Baroness = +48.5%
Precision Strike Oz Kit = +73.5% (while airborne)
Duality Oz Kit = +58.5% (while in a vacuum)


Cryo Status Effect = +200% for every target currently frozen in the game
Badass Rank Bonus = +X%

Bonuses that activate after scoring a critical hit


Culling the Herd = Provides gun damage
Silver Lining = Adds a bullet to your magazine after a kill (doesn’t work with launchers)
Magic Bullet = Provides health regeneration, heals allies and revives them (only works with sniper rifles)
I Never Miss = Provides 2 stacks at once (only works with sniper rifles)
Custom Loads = Provides extra nova damage (only works with sniper rifles)
Escalation = Increases cooldown rate of Wolf & Saint (has a cooldown)
Cold Advance = Increases duration of Cold as Ice (has diminishing returns)
Hot Lead = Provides extra fire damage (only works with weapons that deal non-elemental damage)


Plunkett = Consumes ammo from ammo pool instead of the magazine

Let me know if I missed anything and feel free to test things yourself and correct me if something is wrong. I did test weapons like the Logan’s Gun, Cannon etc. that usually can’t score crits without Tombstone and the Logan’s Gun didn’t have any crit bonus, while the Cannon had its default Jakobs AR bonus.

Video Version of the Guide

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are you talking about the Luck Cannon? if so, why would it have the Jakobs AR bonus attached to it?

Nope, I meant the Cannon assault rifle.

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Thank you. Got it! :acmaffirmative:

This happens after a critical hit kill and doesn’t work with launchers. Because if it did, I don’t think I’d use anything on Aurelia except for the Kaneda’s Laser.

You may want to note that this is only for Hyperion lasers, unless the bonus just doesn’t show on non-Hyperion weapon cards.

Would you mind testing the Boomacorn/Too Scopes… for fun?

Isn’t that the norm for Hyperion barreled pistols?

Nice guide, I’ll look at it some more when I have time. Oh, and why list the “unobtainables”?

Thanks, added that. Also went into more detail about the other skills.

I did and they have the regular +15% Type B crit bonus.

It is, except for the Logan’s Gun, but I also included the 50% extra crit damage of the Longest Yard which it has from its barrel (and the BL2 guide also included the Gwen’s Head’s extra 7.5%) so just to have a complete list I included the Taser, with which I also kinda want to show that if the Logan’s Gun had the extra crit it would’ve been mentioned, if that makes sense.

Again just to have a complete list.

Hi Demonite,

Great guide, the only thing that I think is missing, is BAR Critical Hit as type A.

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Good point, added it.

Great work, I don’t see anything missing. :acmaffirmative:

I’ve edited the old guide to redirect people here and asked for it to be closed.


Good Touch, Bad Touch, Cheat Code, and 88 Fragnum are missing.

  • I assume Funzerking does the same thing OFEoY does for Nisha.
  • You could add something about the Plunkett since you’re being so thorough.
  • Do you care about guns that have less crit damage than their purple counter part, like the Mining Laser?
  • For fun questions:
  • Do Overload glitch launchers get increased crit damage?
  • Does Shhhh… Trap increase crit damage like Deception was suppose to?
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Thanks, added all of that.

Launchers get the 100% bonus, yeah. Was wondering the same thing about Claptrap actually. I’m not sure.

Edit: Someone looked at the game files and told me it looks like it doesn’t increase crit damage.

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This is not quite the full story :slight_smile: . The player get +200% to Sum Type A PER NUMBER OF (currently) FROZEN TARGETS.

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