Revisiting melee Zer0, or How Hit Seemingly Detection Sucks?

So it’s been a while. I couldn’t get into my old L62 Zer0 at all, so I rolled another and went all the way from Normal to the end of TVHM.

What I’ve noticed is that hitting enemies with pistols with a bladed attachment sometimes just . . . doesn’t work? I’m going to try and get some footage, but it’s the most noticeable on the larger enemies (like Mega Goliaths, or Juggernaughts).

You can hear the hit effect, but nothing, no visible damage on their shield or health. Seems to still apply Death Mark, I think? Might only be shielded enemies that are affected, thinking about it. Need a gameplay video showing it.

Is this just a known thing melee Zer0 has to deal with? Playing on the PC, with all the bells and whistles. Not super interested in a bug report at this stage in the game’s lifecycle, just looking for advice and wondering if there’s anything I can do to manage this, especially as I head into UVHM.

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It’s not a bug, not that I know at least.
It’s just that some enemies have backpacks or similar so if you stab them to their backs, you won’t do any damage: Juggernauts are a prime example, but there are other, like Gravediggers and their gravestones…
In Tina’s DLC, skeletons wear helmets, so if you try to go for a crit stab to their heads you won’t do any damage.
You just have to adjust.


Makes sense, appreciated!


Scavangers suffers this hitbox weirdness too for some reason but i’m not sure if it’s because their backpacks or their whole torax section


Scavengers suck in general. Hitbox never seems right.

Another enemy with bad/almost non-existent hotboxes are the midgets off nomad shields. Occasionally been able to crouch and execute and get the kill but even that’s inconsistent

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Yeah those f****** sometimes manage somehow to not take dmg at all even from fastballs, pretty irritating. Demonic Sorcerer is aswell one of the worst hitboxes to melee


Pyro pete’s backpack is actually stronger than him.