Revisiting past locations

Im sure everyone remembers BL2 when we went back to Firestone and fought Saturn to get the location for heros pass. I personally think it would be great if we got to revisit some places on pandora or even Elpis in an up coming DlC…though naturally most of us want some game changing content that’s going to further explore the cosmos and give us something completely new, maybe we can have a circle of slaughter event somewhere familiar…idk just been something I’ve been thinking about alot lately …thoughts anyone??

I like the idea. Seeing the transition of an area (like Fyrestone) over 10-15 game years is interesting.

There is, of course, some synergy in The Droughts being geologically similar to The Dust, but I haven’t spent the time to see if I can identify specific locations yet.
No Elpis though, I don’t have any particular good memories on that moon :slight_smile:


I am lousy at buttslamming. I never was able to do it well in TPS, and in BL3 it’s again something I just don’t do well.
Something about having to think about an extra action during a fight keeps me from slamming, as well as never remembering which button to press.

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I can see that. It was easier in TPS because of the low gravity (which I think I was born to live in IRL). I’d like Amara’s melee builds more if I didn’t have to get up on something to do a slam. Getting a slam right is hard enough, but having to be in melee range AND find elevation to perform a nice close range slam is annoying. I don’t think Phaseslam activates your slam bonuses either in that build which is doubly annoying.

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I want a good nostalgic DLC, that has all the characters chatting about the old days, but we get to play through a bunch of the levels as they tell the story. A DLC with each area a mini story from BL1 to BL2 to Presquel to BL3.

Then, at the end of the DLC, Pandora explodes.


Yes, but only for a small DLC like BH, full lenght DLCs should be reserved to expanding the Universe IMO.

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There are loads of places we could re-visit.

Fyrestone would be good.
Want to see if that huge ship is still ‘Parked’ in Oasis (wonder what creepy Shift is doing)
Also want to re-jump Scooters memorial
“Itsa one of those moments …Catch-a-riiiiiiiiide”

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