Revive the Crossroad

The Crossroad has been thoroughly outclassed by the majority of SMGs ever since it was nerfed (going from 4 pellets to 3) and has sorely needed that pellet back along with a buff to its base damage.

Just compare it to some of the gear I use below.

Crossroad, 3122x3 (ammo cost 2)

Light Show 13527x4 (ammo cost 1)

Cutsman 14077x2 (ammo cost 2)

Flipper 7095x9 (ammo cost 1)

Blood Starved Beast 4479x2 (ammo cost 1)

And for a kicker, a purple mission reward that does more damage

Ashen Beast 3488x3 (ammo cost 2)

Please revive the Crossroad


yeah and many more like flakker lyuda call guns vanilla and dlc1 smgs and pistols have notoriously low damage per hot values compared to dlc 2-3-4 especially 3/4 if you compare most smg’s to top dahl AR’s they have got no single advantage point.

cheap tip/boomer do no damage you hardly see people use kaoson any more because it got nerfed on way too many sides when there were clearly stronger guns in game at that time like opq/nopewpew monarch. they should not have nerfed accuracy and handling/recoil aspect of the gun a damage adjustment was enough. meanwhile guns like flipper and lighshow exist for 1 ammo per shot and gbx does not bat an eye

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Hoping the new mode re-works a lot of the leggos

Yeah, it needs it’s 4th projectile back.

Yesterday, while playing with my Moze i dropped a Tunguska, ex-Pearlescent launcher from Borderlands 2, it was good, wasn’t the best but you could use it, then i look at it in the ground, 6000x2 damage, at lvl 60 Mayhem 8, i was like, WTF, this has less damage than some lvl 50 pistols lol.

Didn’t even pick it up, i believe it’s the single worst weapon in the entire game right now hehe.

Unless there’s some weird gimmick i don’t know about this weapon xD.

freeman is arguably worse launcher :d

Yeah, the Tunguska is kinda ■■■■■. It has a massive splash radius and it was usable early in in the games lifecycle but it went from one of the highest damaging launcher in Bl2 to one of the least damaging in Bl3.
Though the Satisfaction from DLC 3 is still worse.

Light Show doing more with one of its pellets than Crossroad (once a best-in-slot weapon) does with all three is the biggest meme.

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20ish buffs today and none of them to any of the weapons mentioned on this thread, kind of embarrassing.