Reviving Gear Calc on Flashpoint

Seems like they could only reboot flash apps and movies that were still running but Im not sure.

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If we just could lay our hands on a gearcalc itself maybe we could revive it.

You can still get a swf file or use downthemall to dump files but one needs to change lines 838 and 839 from false to true so that the prog stops checking if its online or not.

Not sure if this works tho, I havent had the chance to try this.

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I got this working and submitted it to Flashpoint, it should be included in a future release.

In the meanwhile to get it going manually:

  1. Download Flashpoint (Infinity or Core is fine, Ultimate seems excessive for this.)
  2. Extract it wherever.
  3. Download GearCalc. (Don’t extract.)
  4. Run the “Start Flashpoint” shortcut located wherever from step 2.
  5. If you’re running the Infinity version go to Config and check the box by Enable Editing.
  6. Under Curate click “Load Archive” and select the Gear_Calculator.7z you saved in step 3.
  7. At the bottom of the resulting page click “Run” (or alternatively “Import” to access it from the Games section. You may need to restart Flashpoint for this.)
  8. Enjoy!

Awesome, will try!

Great, thank you!
It’s working!

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I don’t know why but when I run the gearcalc give me an error #2046

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same for me