Reviving Teammates

I’m not sure if anyone else has ran into this problem, but sometimes when I go to revive a teammate, I have to walk around their body for a bit cause the button to revive doesn’t always come up right away. It’s like sometimes I have to be in a certain position to revive them. It’s incredibly frustrating especially playing advanced when I’m spending 4-5 seconds just trying to find the right spot and revive and then end up getting one shotted by a thrall brute or ronin bot. Just wondering if anybody else ran into this issue and thinks it needs to be addressed.


If it’s Toby, definitely. He’s jumped out of the cockpit in his death-freeze pose, so it’s really hard to find him from behind. Some of the other large characters can also be awkward, but Toby has to be the worst.


I’ve had it happen with multiple people but yes definitely toby. You should be able to just aim at the robot armor thing instead of his little penguin body lol. And yes other big characters have proven difficult to revive also

ISIC and Kleese both have that issues as well. I think Montana might, but since I tend to play as him and not with him, I’m not sure, but I do know my wife has had issues with the first two.

Certain very large characters seem to have TERRIBLE hitboxes for their revive models…

Toby is bad - ISIC is FAR WORSE. You need to go inside him and look UP to see the prompt ffs…

EDIT: Montana isn’t that bad imo. I don’t see Kleese very much at all when I play (unless I’m playing him), so I cannot say for sure if he has the issue.

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I was getting frustrated trying to revive an ISIC once, and someone chimed in over voice that he needs to be revived from the front. Not sure if that is true, and if it is – why? But there you go.

I think it’s just you have to get close enough to get the revive prompt, and the revive “point” is toward the character’s front. So certain large characters don’t let you revive them from the back because you can’t walk through them.

I’ve noticed this a lot with ISIC and Kleese especially.

Can confirm ISIC needs revived from the front, which could be troublesome if you’re in a narrow passage and can’t get around him to revive.
You should be able to revive from any angle IMO

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I would really love to just be able to hold down the revive button as I’m running towards someone who’s dead and it start reviving them when I’m in range. I have noticed the revive ordeal is a bit wonky and has caused me to lose extra lives from me dying trying to revive someone.

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Yes, very frustrating. I’m used to other games holding down the revive as I run to the person and it auto reviving when in range, not the case with this game. You have to wait for prompt to show up then hold the button

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Also, I would like to be able to attack while reviving. It might sound like overkill but on certain advanced missions there are simply no ways to revive somebody unless you are able to defend yourself while doing so.

Just to be clear, the standard attack would be fine. Some skills and especially characters with shields would be game breaking with this as it would be near impossible to kill them.


Or if you’re reviving someone, you should have a shield around you, or immediately after reviving someone, you and the person you just revived have a 2-3 second shield. Honestly on advanced with 5 people, if one person goes down, whoever tries to save them just gets destroyed, and then it just becomes a chain reaction. It’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.


I had this happen when I was playing Toby, but I was trying to revive Deande. Which was weird. Usually it’s Toby that people have problems reviving.

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Exactly, people have the most problems with bigger characters but like I previously stated, it’s happened to me with a lot of people, regardless of size. Needs to be fixed.

Have had this same problem about 90 times. Usually larger characters but have also had it on smaller ones too. Sometimes it can be a game killer especially on The HelioPhage and Saboteur but I’ve been affected by this phenomenon on all levels.

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