Revolter Shield, on Action Skill Shield Break & Iron Cub

Does this Shield work with Iron Cub?

Subsequent Shield Breaks while IC is active?

Does IC get the bonuses as well??

Just curious…

I think I answered my own question. Bottom line is yes to all.

Throw out a well specked Iron Cub and for 15 seconds you are putting out hurt like no tomorrow…from BOTH. Subsequent Shield breaks while IC is active triggers it again. Shield must recharge fully for this to happen on a break.

I did the reroll machine and got on action skill shield break.

Doesn’t break my shield on Moze, but it instantly triggers Iron Cub and all of the bonuses for the 15 seconds.

Pretty darn sweet!

I don’t have one of these yet - what’s the gimmick?

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On shield break you get a 15 second boost for Damage, Fire Rate and reload IIRC.

And the effects (at least damage it seems) also goes to Iron Cub

So with the on action skill shield break anoint…you can control this outburst. And it works with IC.

And the anoint does not pop your shield and it will still trigger during a firefight normally if your shield breaks.

Plus it is resistant to shock normally…and appears to be immune from shock for that 15 seconds.

Plus it can have up to three more additional shield perks.

It’s a freaking boss killing monster!

Mix it with a Malawian Company Man and a Flipper or the new Free Radical and just Oh Wow!

It’s a decent defensive shield as well.

Think I sent you one last night. If not I farmed about 15 of them…pretty easy farm and I will send you a couple.

Spent a crap ton of Eridium to get the anoint I wanted…but oh well…

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Thanks! I’ll check it out when I get it. :+1:

It sound’s a lot like…“oh, we didn’t mean for that to happen”.

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alternatively, instead of using IC, you can use the regular IB and just go back to the get in->get out playstyle, you lose about 5 secs of the buff but you can have it up much more often, plus this alternative makes an otherwise useless skill (full can of whoop ass) actually useful for a change, since this shield’s recharge rate is about 20% of its max value, you are guaranteed to have full shield and get another proc after you exit IB.

with this new shield, green monster and the maliwan allegiance relic, the new free radical pistol ate Hermivorous alive xD, and i didn’t even spec short fuse.

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You sure the Re-Volter’s damage applies to Iron Cub, johnrr6? Tested it myself and I didn’t see any blue numbers pop up, least not by using the anointment.

I am absolutely NOT sure.

I tested initially and “thought” I saw a boost.

I retested last night and now I am not sure. But did seem to see shock being added to the corrosive Sabot rounds on occasion so…maybe. But maybe that’s another skill I am not accounting for.

I need to take the time and relearn the picture controls and ability to freeze frame better. So much crap is on the screen with Moze so often it’s just damn had to tell.

Appreciate any insights from you on the shield.

I like it a lot but one thing I noticed… in a constant damage situation like the Takedowns or new boss…different versions of perks make a big difference in survivability. And if you can’t fully recharge, the perk becomes a one cast on Action skill.

You would think that smaller base protection with lower delay and faster recharge rate would be the ticket.More employment of the perk. But in my experience with my play style, That was not the case. And if you didn’t have a base protection in the shield close to 40 K you’re going to go down a LOT in constant damage situations.

I also think that the claim that the shield Gives you immunity from all shock During employment of the perk is something we need to really test.

On the plus side the perk does not go away while you are in fight for your life and I cannot find a cool down time for the perk…I don’t think there is one.

Revolter buff does not give immunity to shock dmg.
Tested without any skills and gear aside the shield with ASS anoint and a gun without anointment to shoot a shock barrel.

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I figured this…

Standing in those pools of shock and still dying with the perk active was my first clue LOL.