Revolver grip question

So I’ve been trying to learn weapon parts and I thought I’d start off with revolvers and smgs. I noticed that revolver grips seem to have a certain grip depending on their manufacturer. Atlas will always have grip 5, Jakobs will always have grip 4 and so on. Is this true?

I believe it’s true with all weapon types. So, don’t worry about grips!

Thanks! Makes my life a hell of a lot easier

Yeah don’t worry about Grips in Bl1, they can’t change and don’t do anything (with one exception).

There’s some really good guides to learning parts on the old-forums, not sure if someone brought them here.

What’s the exception? Patton?

Yeah, it’s grip gives bonus stats, not sure why they didn’t just make it’s part an accesory, since it’s locked to no accesory.