Revolver/Sniper Build That I typically use farming Crawmerax

(Ryoushinteki) #1

This is the first time I’ve ever posted a build that I use. We need some builds from others on here too! Mordecai is what everyone considers a “glass cannon”. Well, this build is to still have all that power and fire rate he normally puts out, but with some very good health regeneration in the mix. If you are having trouble staying alive with fighting Crawmerax then this will remedy that.

The skills:

My Gear:

Any form of a Masher will do in this spot. You don’t need an Unforgiven Masher. It’s just the best to use against Cramerax due to only being able to hit for critical hits against him and this gun gains a 200% damage buff on that.

This is one of the best choices for a fire weapon against Green Worms. It’s easy to find, powerful (technically the most powerful fire gun I think) and it does always spawn in fire so if you find one you are set.

The Orion is an extremely powerful sniper rifle. The bullets ricochet and when they do split into a pattern dealing even more damage. Haven’t tested it or read about it, but I would imagine that the split bullets would also activate Carrion Call giving even more cooldown. Either way this gun provides instant cool down for you in no time!

Personal preference. Use whatever makes you feel good or have. Higher capacity typically is best though.

Strictly for grenade jumping. Research it if you don’t understand. There is a small learning curve to making it effective, but once you do you’ll love it. Corrosive Longbow is the best choice, but not required. Try to get as low level as you can.

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Mines just a bit different. I don’t use or really rely on the bird at all. Just good old revolver power. Focus and killer are the only two skills that actually matter in the sniper build tree since I don’t actually use snipers. The same kinda goes for the rogue tree. I only rely on fast hands and ransack. While actually finding good things from chain crab worm kills is rare… I still don’t miss the opportunity. And gunslinger tree is where all my jazz is. Guncrazy, deadly, hair trigger, and relentless are my main skills that I use. Any extra points that I have other then the above mentioned ones are nothing but fillers.

Equipment wise I use:
unforgiven masher(2 shot) or a normal jakobs masher for craw himself
shock anaconda(2 shot) for maggots
fire anaconda(2shot) for green worms
defiler(2shot) for the big purple worms(all though I usually try to leave them along since they are slow.)
Gunfighter class mod for all that glorious damage.
a longbow so my running to and from places is made quicker
rose shield for the quick ability to regain health

General strategy involves me eliminating any maggots or green worms as they are very annoying to work with. staying near rock formations at all times I am able until his back is gone, and always try to get rid of his back spot first because after that I can be at any part of the map and finish him off, I really don’t have an issue staying alive simply due to the fact I really don’t get hit much and when I do I have the ability to 1 or 2 shot my way back up because of the powerhouse build and gear. Thanks for reading my long wall and you all have good days.

(Ryoushinteki) #3

I refined the original post and updated with some pictures for a better understanding and read.