Reward crates already open and empty or still locked after bossfight

Anyone else having this problem?

I have this glitch when I farm Giga with Amara, none of my others have it though.

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Yes, pretty sure a day-1 bug. Happens with chests for Gigamind & Captain Traunt. Been doing most of my farming w/Amara so could indeed just be that character.

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I just started a new 1 with zane and I’m also have this glitch after beating killavolt. Also never encountered this glitch with my fl4ck lvl 53

I’m pretty sure the Red (rare) chests started with a 45 minute cool down. Not sure if that was just for Streamers or everyone.

Yesterday I ran a L36 Amara and farmed Gigamind and was able to grab his Red chest every time. This was with Mayhem mode enabled, if it matters. I’ve seen the empty/open chests a lot on Traunt (w/Amara).

Only ran Killavolt during the first week so no idea about his chests.

There is a trigger at some point after you beat the game that ends the timer. I do not know what the trigger is, nor has anyone had any good idea of what it is. I can consistently open chests on my 2 char, and couldn’t prior to beating game and doing after game content.