Reward or Drop difference in Advanced vs Normal?

Just curious if there is a reason to do advanced over normal aside of it just being harder. Are there better drops, more xp, etc…?

more xp, more character xp, different legendaries drop if im correcct as for random drops. i got 3 epic’s of normal and then got only commons with 1 uncommon from advanced. so thats still random.

thats just my experiance though

Did you get any legendaries? if so, from where?

final bosses drop certain ones

I got a Quartermastery Bin legendary from the Varelsi Maligner during The Saboteur. Seems like you can get legendaries from mini-bosses. This was also from a random matchmaking game, so it was on normal difficulty.

so were saying that the rare drop rate doesn’t increase if played on advanced?

I’d be surprised if the drop rates didn’t increase. Though you might still want to do the Advanced version and try to get Silver medals in them just to unlock Ghalt.

Since it’s gearbox and loot based, you would have to at least believe that you earn extra rewards for doing higher difficulty. I can’t honestly say I have been getting any better loot. I think I got better stuff when only standard was available. During that time I got 2 purples and an orange. Now, I think ive gotten 1 purple so far. I haven’t spent any of my coins yet so I have tons of those. I’m almost to 40 so I can buy the better loot packs.

I think the difference here compared to BL is matches take up to 30 minutes. In BL it takes about 2 to kill a boss, save and quit. It may not seem like a difference compared Normal because of length but im 80% sure you get better drops on advanced

I’ve gotten thrice as many legs from normal ironically. RNG is never this good to me so I’m suspicious. Sad thing is whole party always gets better stats than me. Same in BL and other RNG games.

You should get more rares and epics in advanced, that would bring more players into those playlists…

Most would assume that too be the case but from my experience (110 hours, 150 missions) all of my legendaries (around 20, not including duplicates) have come from regular normal public story.

Yesterday I did a Normal Hardcore Solo in the Sentinel, I got 3 legendary gears, one for each boss. The problem is I didn’t got the one I was chasing for, rngesus tricked me 3 times in the mission ):
But doesn’t matter what mode, I played The Sentinel 80 times jumping from advanced, normal, solo, team, hardcore and only this time I got legendary.

Ditto here. Most of my legendary drops from normal difficulty story queues.

Which legendary are you searching for? Vyn’s Quiver is a really good one

I got Vyn’s Quiver and its already in my loadout, Oscar Mike doing slow and the enemies say whaaaaaat? (:
I’m looking for Chrono Key.

For Alani?

I’m currently grinding credits to buy Jennerit packs for Voxis Core, I want that sooo bad for Thorn/Orendi

Alani is a good choice, great damage aoe plus healing sounds nice for this gear. Actually I don’t care abouth the heal power, I’m mostly interested in every 500 dmg give -1sec for the skills cooldown. With a good dps character doing aoe in the minions, it’s a skill festival.

Ahh I see
I’m having visions of Thorn/Orendi with both Chrono Key and Voxis Core… That would be crazy good… Although a bit expensive

Pair it with a 0 cost 2.1 shards generator could actually work out