Rewards for Playing After Rank 15?

I pretty much only enjoy Ambra and Orendi. It sucks because sometimes when I play as Ambra, who is at rank 15, I feel like I’m almost wasting my time because I’m no longer getting rewards for leveling ranks. It would be nice if I could do some kind of ‘over-leveling’ to make it so I still unlock other cosmetic options, taunts, or gear packs indefinitely, or something, anything, really. Kind of like paragon levels in Diablo 3.

What do you all think?

Bare in mind tier 2 skins are coming soon so i assume that may include a max rank increase or something like that to unlock them.

i would like to see a XP system that can still be gained for characters at 15 so we can keep track of the extra XP.

maybe a reset to rank one but it has a star in it to say you’re now lvlng up to 15 in rank two, and we can work again for more faction loot packs.


I’m hoping something extra is coming with the DLC and extra characters…
It seems like the skill tree will go further than 10 as well? (from looking at it in command)…

When you have hit the max rank with your fav, and also done their lore challenges, it can be a real ‘sigh’ moment, the happiness of success, but also the sadness of not wanting to part with them and try someone new…

Hopefully there will be more to come, and these maxed characters can get a much needed revive (I’ll never stop playing you Thorn, NEVER!)

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I would like it if they would like mastery lvls that give free packs every 2k-5k experience


Character Rank Prestige!
Unlock Moar Titles, Rare Skins/Taunts, etc.

I’d like that. Had S&A at Rank 15 by like the 3rd day, now I feel like I’m missing out on sumthin’ when I get no character XP. lol

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Packs for levels is good idea, preferably higher tier ones and/or faction packs tied to that character.


That’s a great idea.

Faction pack for Character XP after hitting Level 15.

They could pick a number of how much XP, decide if they want it to scale or not, and once they pick a number or scaling, it would be easy to adjust if need be.

Would definitely be a nice way to encourage players to play maxed out characters.

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I’m bumping this because I want them to do it. As it stands I feel like I’m being punished for wanting to specialize.

It would be nice if continuing to accrur exp would net you taunts and skins for that character.

People like goals, and praying that you’ll get a cosmetic for your character out of a random pack that not only can give stuff for potentially 5 other characters but ALSO can drop duplicates which net you a pittance in coins, is not a goal but a torture.

It really sucks to spend 10s of thousands in faction packs only to ever get skins for a character you will never play as