Rewards from quitting from won matches/games

I was stuck in that snow storm in the north western part of the U.S. and sadly my power turned off for solid 3 minutes and was neck deep in a story operation, about to get a 75 op pt skin. So i tried to see if i got anything and i’m not sure if i did.

So my question is can you still earn gear/xp/rewards from leaving a game that your team wins/completes?

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In PvP no, not sure about PvE

In PvE you will get character and command xp + the gear you’ve collected up until that point.

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you can go to your match history and look what you got

I thought you didn’t get anything if you leave a match?

I believe the match needs to be completed, either succeed or fail but it needs to be finished in order to get prizes. A believe lore related stuff will still count if the match is abandoned.

you will get nothing if you leave and the 2nd skin is at 85 ops points not 75