Rewards text weird?

Hey guys!

I was a little worried this was a bug, so I checked with support and I’m still not sure but I do think it’s weird I’m the only person who is concerned with this.

Basically, when you kill 100 enemies with a brand, you recieve a manufacturer reward. I basically only use Maliwan (theyre my strongest drops) so I recieve a lot of these reward guns! However…

…every time I do recieve this reward gun, the text is always the same, always about 100 enemies. Personally I think it would have been cool to get a good gun at 100, a better gun at 250, 500 and so on, but that’s just me. On a very basic level I think the Manufacturer should at least keep a tally. I feel like I’m being signed up to a rewards program afresh each time I recieve the reward in my mailbox.

Anyone else feel like this? I love the reward idea so much but I just feel like it isn’t… finished? Or something?

Also I don’t use forums at all so I hope this is in the right place, etc etc

It’s no bug. It is always 100 kills and while the gun brand always matches who sent it to you, the actual gun is random. I have gotten whites, greens, blues, and even purples from them.

However I agree it would be nice if higher loyalty atleast guaranteed that they would no longer send whites.

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Yeah! Not a bug. Still think it shouldn’t say “100 kills” and have “welcome” as the subject line! At the very least it could say “another 100 kills” or something about continued manufacturer loyalty. This is probably the pettiest little tweak anyone’s ever come up with tho x)

I even had a few gold item from them! ^^
The item is your level at the time of the reward! :wink: