Rework the class mods

When you watch a youtubers charachter guide you will soon realize that they are running class mods with stats like:

  • for Moze "gun damage, spash damage and torgue/maliwan damage*
  • for Fl4k "gun damage, pistol damage and jacobs crit damage*
  • for Amara "gun damage, maliwan damage and smg damage.*
    So in most cases god rolls.

In reality what we get this:

  • Spash damage, Dahl reload speed and torgue bullet speed*
  • Pistol damage, maliwan accuracy and action skill cooldown reduce*
    or the best one:
  • Dahl reload speed, mailiwan accuracy an torgue reload speed*

There are a few happy ones who got maybe two usefull stats on a class mod. I got one mind sweeper with “Spash damage, Action skill damage and Sniper damage” which is kind of decent, but in reality if Im not using snipers only one stat is usefull if Im not in IB.

Since it’s a long time ago someone asked for a rework on class mods, heres my idea:
(all information comes from this post and i hope the amoun is still correct:

First of all get rid of the manufracture stat! They are not useless, but make farming VERY frustrating. If Im correct there are 70 diffrent types of stats. So the chance that one stat is actually “Weapon damage” is 1/70.
Correct me if im wrong, but i believe the calculation is correct:
To get one stat you want the chances are 1/70x3=4,2%
To get two stats you want the chances are 1/70x2x1/69=1/4900=0,0204%
To get three stats you want the chances are 1/70x1/69x1/68=1/343000=0,0002915% so basically 0.
multiplied with 100 to get %

So there are in total 38 stats which can come with manufractor stats. Delete them would lead us to a chance of:
To get one stat you want the chances are 1/32x3=9,375%
To get two stats you want the chances are 1/32x2x1/31=1/992=0,101%
To get three stats you want the chances are 1/32x1/31x1/30=1/297760=0,00336% so still basically 0.
multiplied with 100 to get %

Damn I hope I i suck at math and this i complete wrong, because the chances dont look very good…
Based on my glorious calculations this would mean: you have to farm a boss with a guaranteed drop rate of that one specific class mod 1000 times to get a chance of 3,36%, 3000 times for 10,08% ?!?

GOD damn…

We need categories for the stats

So here I already deleted all manufractures and tryied to make some categories. I dont believe that is is near perfection, but it looks already better than getting 3 diffrent types of reloading speed. I missed Action Skill Damage on the reddit list, so my list is on one point bigger.
So all legendary class mods should drop with one stat of each row. This way we would never get something like Shield capacity, max health and Wepon accuracy.

Hope this post is not a complete mess, i tryied my best but there are a lot of numbers which I had to thought of… And sorry for the broken english, wish I could do it in german ^^



I wonder if the gear designe team thinks the secondary COM stats actually influence our choice of brand XD. Regardless I feel like allegiance COMs or relics would be a great idea but having them as random secondary stats is beyond not great nor dose it influence my gearing choices. Now If they spawned in sets like all 3 where always Torgue or all 3 where always Dahl ya that might influence some change but I would be more interested in seeing that stuff removed and put on Allegiance pieces.


that would be pretty â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  if its the case

Yes, that idea was already mentioned several times. Reducing the pool for passive stats is a good start, but we also need better option to farm class mods.
Proving Grounds is the good place for it, but every enemy should have some chances (lets say 5%) to drop assigned class mods and the boss itself should drop like 15-20 of them. Then farming for decent one would make more sense.


This would be great given the fact that there are 3 skills each with different possible point distribution’s getting your ideal distribution wouldn’t be such a pipe dream.

I miss the BL2 legendary mods. They were rarer but you always knew you were getting the best possible version of the mod more or less.


I think mods should revert to how they were in previous titles. More skill points and no passive stats. Imo it makes more sense since class mods should logically give character specific buffs not X weapon type or manufacturer is stronger.


Ever tryied to farm the evil monk with +6 money shot?
But yeah still more or less effective than in bl3. Here we are really happy a class mod with one good and one decent stat… the third doesnt really matter if you already hit 2 good ones.

This doesn’t even take into account, that you sometimes want a certain skill point distribution as well. Which makes this even more ridiculous.


I have yeah, but that was not legendary. Which is a different subject, purple/blue mods being more niche but still effective which seems to mostly been dropped in BL3 on top of there being legendary mods that are worthless since release.


Class Mods in other games did have passive stats, they just weren’t drawn from a large random pool like they are in BL3.

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Class mods in BL3 suck in general with many that still suck/broken.

GBX: “They are in a good place.”

Us: ??:open_mouth:??

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A lot of those worked with the characters builds though, axton-grenade dmg, maya-healing, krieg-fire, zero-sniper damage, sal-ammo regen, gaige-lower accuracy more dmg. I just picked one mod that I remember from each character but you get the point. And I believe these stats were fixed to the specific mod type, so they weren’t adding additional layers of rng

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I think an issue with the suggestion to remove Manufacturer passives is that currently they can be some of the absolute best passives to get depending on what weapons you use. I see Jakobs Crit and Damage used all the time on FL4K Class Mods. So there will definitely be some pushback regarding the removal of anything that actually encourages specific Manufacturer use like in that case. What you could suggest instead is that they collate all relevant Manufacturer bonuses into one passive, which would be something like “Improves Jakobs weapons all around.” It could then, for example, give +20% reload speed, damage, crit damage, accuracy, and handling. It would be highly desirable for Manufacturer based builds but would still drastically reduce the passive table clutter.

On another note, why are there so many different elemental resistance passives? Do we really need radiation, incendiary, corrosive, cryo, and shock? I wouldn’t mind seeing them down to one “Elemental Resistance” passive.

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General Weapon Damage is way better than specific Manufacturer Dmg, so they should be removed.
Crit ones are really good, way better than general one.

I don’t said that the manufactor stazs sucks. There are just way too much of them which requires a lot of farming. Much more than I like for a “solo” game. You really can’t farm class mods for every situation… I mean you can, but if you farmed 1000 or 2000 times and got lucky you will definetly stay with the most damaging one like “weapon damage, splash damage and smg damage” rather than wait for “weapon damage, splash damage and Maliwan damage”. You will always take the first with three good rolls and never farm that again. Even with about 32 diffrent stats its really hard…

But you suggested that they all be removed. I responded by giving you an alternative that keeps the benefit of massively reducing the amount of passive rolls while keeping the benefits of Manufacture passives which help support certain builds. If you just remove them outright then those builds lose out. Maybe you don’t like them but others might, so I think it’s a more than reasonable compromise. Especially considering I offered 5 more passives which I thought could be put into one, further helping your cause.

This event has shined a glaring light on how problematic getting what you actually want TRULY is in BL3. Add this to console load times being absolutely appalling and you get an Sisyphus level hill climb that will just kill your will to play the game if you start thinking about it too hard :frowning:


When they turn this event off im done its bad enough they just give us one week to try and collect these coms weapons artifacts grenades well lets just forget grenades exist .That is not enough time to get all the good stuff it took me 2 days of farming to get a great monarch thats with 100% drop rate lol.What happens when this event is over people like the way loot is dropping now if they change it back i think alot of people including myself will be done with the game this event is what brought me back please keep drop rates as they are now why go back to the way it was.

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I really like @Minus_SHiFT 's idea of consolidating the bonuses into more interesting packages.

That said if all manufacturer specific things just disappeared I’d be happier for it.

This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I’d also like to see the weapon type specific ones go. They’re really strong what with how they give you a multiplicative damage boost but they also add a bunch of options where you feel bad if you get the wrong type meanwhile it’s multiplicative existence is pigeonholing builds a lot.

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