Rework - "Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades" - Include Immunity to Self Damage For a Limited Time on Grenade Throw

Add to the Skill “Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades”: On Grenade Throw, gain Immunity to self damage for 3/6/9 seconds.

2 Reasons this should be added:
1- that skill is currently useless in the endgame and needs a buff especially since its sitting on the 4th Tier (15 point requirement to unlock).
2- Demolition woman revolves around splash damage but grants 0 resistance to such damage when a vast majority of it will be self-inflicted. Torgue Cross Promotion was buffed nicely but does not solve an underlying problem that it’s too risky in many builds to put points in to thus easily forcing Moze into FFYL

TCP is a great skill with the buffs but it’s still extremely limited to certain builds where Splash Damage will have a very small radius (some weapons fall in this category) or niche builds that utilize Transformfer and a Shock weapon. But it’s way too risky to use most types of explosives such as rocket launchers or even Mindsweeper with this skill. So to compensate for this type of issue, I suggest adding the above mentioned skill that gives Moze much needed sustainability to her Demolition kit. This will not make her invincible as she is still susceptible to enemy damage nor will this overpower any part of her kit but now you can at least run confidently around the enemy being a crazy, explosive lady like we all would like to be lol. You still have plenty of give and take in her build setups due to how much of her damage and important skills are spread out–Deathless Bloodletter builds will still utilize a more heavy red and green tree focus. Plus, you’re still able to pull off the Transformer/Shock Weapon combo if you so please by not utilizing this skill.

So in the end, we are just creating a unique way to expand her capabilities and make her much more versatile in build setups.

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