Reworked Mayhem modifiers > Mayhem 11

I personally would rather see Gearbox rework/update the mayhem modifiers over taking the easy way and just removing them with Mayhem 11. The idea of modifiers is not the problem, it’s the modifiers themselves being lame and not offering anything but a headache. IMO modifiers should give and take. Give some benefit while also making the game harder or interesting in some way.

Here’s what I would do to make the modifiers better…

  • Modifiers that don’t need a change; Speed Demon, Slayer, Lootsplosion, Galaxy Brain, Big Kick Energy, More Than Okay Boomer, Healy Avenger, Drone Ranger, Pool Party, Laser Fare, and Holy Crit.
  • Charred Mode/High Voltage/Acid Reign/Chilling Them Softly/Totally Radical/Ticked Off should be removed from the game.
  • Freeze Tag: Killing an enemy has a high chance to spawn snowballs that roll around randomly and leave cryo trails that can affect the player. These snowballs are 30% the size of snowballs made from the Snowdrift artifacts. Enemies are immune to the snowballs. Cryo damage is no longer penalized when doing damage to flesh or armored targets.
  • Floor Is Lava: Killing an enemy has a high chance to spawn a volcano that erupts in fireballs. Enemies are immune to the volcanoes and fireballs. Fire damage is no longer penalized when doing damage to shielded or armored targets.
  • Lightning Strike: New medium modifier. Killing an enemy has a high chance to cause lightning to strike nearby up to 3 times. Lightning strikes create a massive shock nova when they hit. Enemies are immune to lightning strikes and the novas. Shock damage is no longer penalized when doing damage to flesh or armored targets.
  • Children of the Atom: New medium modifier. Killing an enemy has a high chance to spawn several Children of the Atom Tinks. CotA Tinks; have a radiation aura around them; explode in large radiation novas; have rad immunity; are extremely aggressive. Enemies are immune to the rad auras and novas. Rad damage is no longer penalized when doing damage to flesh or armored targets.
  • Sick Puppy: New medium modifier. Killing an enemy has a high chance to spawn a Sick Puppy Skag. Sick Puppy Skags are clones of Badass Spitter Skags but will create corrosive clouds when damaged and are immune to corrosive damage. Enemies are immune to the corrosive clouds. Corrosive damage is no longer penalized when doing damage to flesh or shielded targets.
  • Chain Gang: Remove Mob Mentality from medium modifiers and combine it’s effects into Chain Gang. Enemies take 25% more damage from all sources.
  • Pain Tolerance: Change to a hard modifier.
  • Boundary Issues: Triple the range of the elemental beam. Deal 75% bonus damage when matching elemental damage to the enemy type.
  • Not The Face: Crits deal 75% less damage than normal crits but still do more damage than body shots.
  • Daze and Infused: Enemies become highly resistant to that element and deal bonus damage in that element. No immunity or novas. Player’s status effect chance for all elements increased by 50%.
  • Buddy System: Add environmental collision to the drone and put a limit on it’s range.
  • Post Mortem: Put an effect on enemies that will spawn the skull. Skulls have a chance to drop any legendary in the game, including dedicated drops (eg. Psycho Stabber) and mayhem drops (as long as the player is on the appropriate mayhem level). Takedown/DLC/Event gear is not included.
  • Rogue Lite: Takes away the ability to move in FFYL and death is permanent until all players die. Once every player is dead, they respawn at the initial fast travel where they entered the map and all loot is wiped from the map (but some can still be obtained from Lost Loot). Enemies drop extra health and shield boosters when they die. In multiplayer, you can respawn if your friend accesses a vending machine at the cost of half your money (doing this will make you respawn at the nearest New-U station). Players earn +1000% XP, eridium, and money.

Just a note, each category would still have 6 modifiers if you couldn’t keep track of the changes.


Some I agree with but I doubt they’re gonna make new modifiers at this point (Unless M11 is a quick fix for what’s coming)
Rogue-lite is a bit extreme on the bonus and your explanation seems to be a bit too concentrated on multiplayer.
Also in general you’re trying to give a positive effect to the non-easy modifiers…
But the ones that are obvious in terms of balance and bugs (Like buddy system too), I agree with.

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Well you want it to be a trade off. You take Floor Is Lava and now your fire damage is more effective but you have the extra difficulty of avoiding the volcanoes/fireballs.

Easy modifiers already make the game more interesting. They don’t need a drawback, they are easy for a reason.

As for Rogue Lite, the main component is that you can’t move in FFYL and if you die you respawn farther away. But you get WAY more XP/money/eridium in the process so there is some incentive to run it over another hard modifier. Same reason there are now positive effects on some modifiers, to make them more appealing over something that’s just easier. I only added the multiplayer component because, well, you’d have to otherwise the idea itself wouldn’t work. Plus it makes it more interesting and more viable if you play in a group. Can’t decide what to use? Go with Rogue Lite because you are playing multiplayer and have a bit more leeway in death/FFYL.


Modifers should be better and they should always be an option these ideas are pretty good

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This is the issue. A lot of modifiers are just “taking” and “annoying”. It’s not even what you’d call “challenging”. I like the idea of give and take for each modifier. I’d prefer if the reroll is disabled once we’ve implemented give and take type modifiers.

Mayhem 11 is really the easy way out for them, which is almost annoying considering the community has asked to make them selectable for over half a year.

That said while some modifiers are a no go from the get go for me like Rogue lite, my biggest issue which I still have with them is their buggy nature and the problems they cause on consoles.

Laserfare is just ridiculously, they aren‘t deadly but something is bugged with their spawn rate for sure. I get approximately 5 turrets by just shooting at a single enemy (shouldn‘t they spawn only on kill?), turrets spawning on top of each other, destroying a turret spawns 2 new ones and so on…

I had to turn off M10 because it took me over an hour to just reach Castle Crimson because my game/frame rate was pretty much running in slow motion because every few steps for every 3 Spiderants I would get 15 lasers.

Also as awesome as running at high speed is (reminds me of the glorious BL1 Lilith days), Speed Demon either crashes my Xbox after 5 minutes or I glitch through the graphic.

Also I have not the slighest clue what‘s up with the one that spawns a cryo orb. It doesn‘t cause me damage and 90% of the times it‘s stuck in enemies corpses and not even moving, took me almost 50h to find the culprint of that annoying cracking sound it makes.


No they need to go completely, a lot of us just want to play the game without the gimmicks.


For me it’s the idea of the modifiers that is the issue. I don’t want any of them, so thank you GBX for MH11. Also for me many of the ones you suggested are far more annoying then what we already have.


They aren’t a gimmick you can use some of them to your advantage. For example I use Speed Demon all the time for my Driver Amara. Holy Crit is a perfect example of a GOOD modifier. It’s a give and take. Only a few of them have that, and they are the good ones.

You guys asked for a much more boring and 1 dimensional game. If the modifiers were better I bet 99% of you wouldn’t be complaining.

Like what is the point of Mayhem 11? You don’t need to start at M1 and work your way up, you can just jump to M11, go to a vending machine for m10 gear, than go to any good farm spot and just kill stuff until you get more stuff. It’s super easy, Moxsy showed that you can have a decent m10 in under 2 hours starting with literally no gear if you know what to farm.

You guys got what you asked for and in the process made modifiers obsolete and the game just that much more boring.


Err then just play with modifiers? MH10 is still a thing - and has the draw of far better droprates. Let those of us who want to play the game vanilla do so. Most of the modifiers you suggested sound fun on paper - but so do most of the current modifiers. But for many of us, the appeal dropped off pretty quickly.

If most players end up playing MH11, then that just shows the entire concept of modifiers was out of touch with most of the playerbase. If most players remain in MH10, then we get the best of both worlds - and please both players like you, and those who just want a more vanilla experience. Maybe one day GB will introduce more modifiers such as some of yours to make MH1-10 even more interesting, but MH11 can only be a good thing.


What you think is boring is a blessing to me. What decides “challenge” in the game is time to kill modifiers add nothing has it ever Struck you that some people do not use beneficial modifiers? I ever used okay boomer or loot splosion because it did not buff me in any way and I do not use granks (most of them) for same reason. Hell the best time in game was when M4 ttd maliean was out and get was broken that was the game!

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I don t strongly object to modifier and found them fun for a while but Modifiers are extremely bugged, so it s really hard to defend them.

I don t think that they should introduce new modifiers, given their track records you can be sure they will be plagued with bugs too.

They should before doing anything else fix the existing modifiers, there were countless threads about their bugs and a lot are still not fixed. Then they should work on a modifiers selection system because in the long run it is very tiresome to spend a lot of time rerolling modifiers just to be able to try new builds

Only when everything before is done and mayhem is clean and smooth should they consider huge alteration or adding new modifiers

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I won’t use M11 due to the drop in loot drop rate but it’s a good thing for others. I would actually like an M12. No modifiers (or the option to have them) but the main one is more more enemy health. Lots more. I’d love to test myself on tougher enemies. Another option could be to dial up the enemy health beyond the M10 values to what you want. Back to the easy option though, 125000% minimum for shields, armour and health would be great.

Yes,that’s what I asked for and what I want. if you want modifiers that’s fine,play M10,but don’t force something that ruined the game for many on us.

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I hope the removal of modifiers on upper Mayhem will be followed by a rework of gun anointments.
So which gun you pick would be more relevant than its anointment.

And about those suggestions on Mayhem modifiers, it doesn’t seem to remove their main problem, as visual pollution of the screen. How do you think this would turn once the game pops corrosive clouds and radiation novas ?

I’d prefer the modifiers to turn enemies into badass versions of themselves, visible on health bars, rather than adding an extra visual effect (ie, enemies have an extra armor, enemies have no shield but double health, the order of health/shield/armor bars is changed, etc.).

This is basically my strategy in every game. I find something that I can do and use that as a pivot to get better stuff. Kinda like build a “farming” character first so you can equip your “actual” characters. “Economy” and “resource” management first before going to battle.

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To be fair with and without the modifiers, they are both boring. I find the excitement nowadays in discovering and trying new builds. M10 mods are just annoying. M10 without mods are less annoying but probably more challenging as well in some respects. No speed demon means Moze is back to being a turtle. More challenging to get second winds because no laser flares, cryo orbs etc. To be clear I don’t mean challenging as more difficult but it’s just means I need to spend an extra brain cell now.

Is this a bug, because yeah I found the amount that would spawn incredibly annoying too?

I don’t know for sure but given how this game is in an constant state where every second thing isn’t working as intended I would say YES, that or Gearbox once again went way overboard with adjusting something.

But really now, I can’t believe that something like a Mayhem modifier proccing from itself (Laserfares from killing Laserfares) is intentional.

If my memory serves right I even had some spawn from killing the invulnerability Drones…

I’ll be honest I can’t wait for these modifiers to go. We play m8 just so we can play with less modifiers. If after a while I fancy dipping back into them cool but I’m looking forward to M11 a lot.

I’m glad you like them but me and my Mrs we both think they’re terrible. They were fun for about a week.